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A comprehensive deep dive into your digital presence

Unlike software-generated audits, our Comprehensive Web Presence Audit is carried out by a team of highly skilled experts with over 15+ years of industry experience. We dive deeply into every aspect of your online presence to provide a comprehensive performance report. We leave no stone unturned, from AI-powered analysis to manual processes and analysis.

Don't wait for your website to underperform - it may be too late!

Welcome to our Comprehensive Web Presence Audit service page! 

Are you looking to learn how your business is performing online? 

How effective is your website content? 

Is your SEO strategy up to par?

What about your social media presence?

Is your content marketing driving results? 

And how is your website’s technical performance? 

Waiting for your website to underperform may be too late, so entrust us with the optimisation and get it in top shape for peak performance. 

We have a lot of experience in these comprehensive and detailed reports and with a combined effort from our technical team and creative team, we will all these questions and more, providing detailed insights into every aspect of your online presence.

Expert analysis

Expert analysis, reporting, and success blueprint

Our team will provide a detailed analysis of your website’s traffic, engagement, and search engine ranking, leaving no aspect overlooked. We’ll assess your website’s on-page optimization, including keyword usage, UX/UI design, and metadata, to ensure that your website is performing optimally on search engines. We’ll also analyze your backlink profile and evaluate the quality and relevance of your inbound links.

Competitive analysis for strategic insights

In our quest to arm you with a competitive advantage, we undertake an all-encompassing assessment of your competitors. By delving into their digital footprint and evaluating their performance, we unearth opportunities where you can surpass them. This meticulous competitive analysis is the bedrock for strategic insights and recommendations, propelling you to rise above and beyond your competition.

Marketing opportunities

Identifying opportunities and providing recommendations

We will identify opportunities to improve your online presence and capitalize on your strengths. To ensure optimal performance, we’ll assess your website’s health by analyzing technical issues such as page speed, mobile responsiveness, and structured data implementation.

We’ll also provide recommendations for social optimization, leveraging social media platforms to boost your brand presence and engagement.

Assessing EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)

We understand the importance of EEAT in establishing credibility online. Our audit will assess the Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of your website and content, ensuring that you meet the standards required to build trust with your audience and search engines.

These signals are a vital part of the work of Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines.

Success blueprint

Customised success blueprint with a data-driven approach

Leveraging our findings and insights, we’ll develop a tailor-made success blueprint primed to drive your business towards growth and achievement. This blueprint will chart out actionable pathways to refine your website content, elevate your SEO strategy, amplify your social media prominence, and harness the prowess of structured data and AI technologies. Additionally, we’ll emphasise the weight of social proof, leveraging customer testimonials, reviews, and case studies to establish trust and solidify your credibility.


Gain a competitive advantage in the digital landscape with our Comprehensive Web Presence Audit. Our experienced team of experts will provide detailed analysis, reporting, and a custom success blueprint with a deep focus on technical depth and competitive analysis.

Contact us today to get started on enhancing your digital presence!

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