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Thanks for visiting. The Whippet team will bring you up to the minute news from SEO, AI, Content, Social media, innovations, ad tech, changes at Google and we will feature some of the exciting projects we are fortunate to contribute to.

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What comes first, keyword research or an inspired idea?

There are different ways you can approach creating written content including an inspired idea to keyword research. But what option is better?
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How to make your business services unforgettable

Explore how you can make your business services unforgettable with proven and valuable tips on mastering the art of making them unforgettable.
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Digital Marketing Growth of investment is represented in the seedling against the background of the chart

Digital marketing – is it worth your investment?

As a business owner in today’s economic downturn you may wonder whether digital marketing is worth the investment. Find out if it is here.
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A simplified guide to recent Google Updates

There is a lot of talk among SEO and tech experts regarding the recent Google Updates, so, I thought I would simplify what’s going on here.
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Analyzing SEO Data with a Neon Screen and Digital Magnifier

Google Core March 2024 Update in New Zealand: Unravelling the impact

The Google Core March 2024 Update was one of the most significant updates for several years. Find out how it might impact your business.
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The art of communication – why listening is the secret

Step into the vibrant world of communication as we spotlight the art of listening, the unsung hero that strengthens relationships.
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High Profile Enterprises is now Whippet Digital!

HPE are excited to announce our new name! Join us as we take a deep dive into what the future holds for Whippet Digital in 2023 and beyond!
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What can artificial intelligence do for your business?

AI is making waves in the media these days. But what can artificial intelligence do today for your business? Keep reading to find out!
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How AI is changing marketing

How AI is changing marketing and why you should care

How is AI changing marketing? We thought it was time to explore the profound impact of AI on marketing strategies and how you, as a business, can benefit!
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Google guidelines

How Google improves your search results with Search Quality Guidelines

As the internet constantly evolves and changes even Google has a hard time keeping up! So how do they do it? We explain all here:
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