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From talent to technology, we offer business services and strategies to succeed in the digital landscape.

Why we do this

Whippet Digital (formerly known as High Profile Enterprises) is a highly skilled, full-service digital marketing agency. We work best with businesses and organisations that are looking beyond entry-level digital marketing and want to take their online presence to the next level. We live and breathe SEO, content, digital advertising, social media, websites, technical performance, analytics, AI and much more. 

Our team approach is Safe, Agile, Fast and Ethical.

We put our clients at the heart of everything we do.  Continuous improvement is how we become our best selves.

We have fun. We keep it simple.

What does Google really want?

Free SEO tips for your business

Whippet SEO interview
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We have created a free hour long video that explains what Google really wants from you, some of the mistakes people are making with their SEO and much more.

Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility in Google – the better the visibility, the more likely you will be found.


Well-crafted content establishes your expertise, resonates with readers, and can significantly contribute to brand growth and customer loyalty, fostering trust and credibility.


Social media harnesses the power of connectivity and engagement, amplifying brand reach, building relationships, and boosting online visibility.

Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that offers a powerful way to reach a targeted audience, drive website traffic, and increase leads.


Audits are invaluable in identifying issues before they negatively affect your business and help improve your website’s overall performance.


Extract valuable insights, make informed decisions for better outcomes. Our tools are at the cutting edge of data with clarity and simplicity in reporting.

& Surveys

Newsletters and surveys serve as practical and powerful communication tools, delivering valuable updates, and content to encourage brand loyalty.

Integrated Digital Strategies

Integrated digital strategies streamline your online efforts working in synergy to enhance customer experience and maximise your online presence.


Leveraging multiple channels diversifies your reach, enabling a wider audience across various platforms, increasing brand visibility and potential customer interactions.

Our Clients

Case Studies

Content Marketing

An intensive content marketing strategy resulted in serious growth in website visitors as well as in company revenue.



A long term SEO strategy has brought significant results for this global client. Technical, content and social all contribute.



Goal: Build a database of young people and others interested in a career in the auto industry using a multi-channel campaign.


Whippet team

About Us

Before you jump into any partnership, it’s crucial to roll up your sleeves and do your homework. As a potential catalyst for your growth, we want to determine our alignment in values and see if we can work together. Take a look at where we come from, what we offer, and why we do this.

Read our story or meet our team below.

Latest Blog Posts


I value the relationship that has been created and the time you have taken to understand our business – it really feels as if you are part of our team. There is a very high level of trust! The results you have achieved, it always amazes me that you took us from not registering as a regenerative organisation to being the top rated without ads in NZ within 1 year.
Dr Hugh Jellie - Managing Director
Ata Regenerative
A very safe pair of hands across a wide range of marketing activity and a good option for organisations without an internal marketing resource. Well priced with a sensible, proactive approach to account management. Very happy to refer Whippet Digital, they absolutely deliver on what they promise.
Jane Smallfield - Director, vCMO
Proxi Management
Whippet is just like every other company … they tell you how they can help you grow your business. The difference is they follow through and deliver amazing product to grow your business on time, every time. We have been working with the team at Whippet Digital to help us deliver the website our business deserves – amazing content from a team that are easy to work with and down to earth.
Jason Lougher - Director
Legacy Chartered Accountants
Working with Whippet Digital works well for us as an agency, to provide a holistic, strategic service for our clients. This means, rather than clients having to engage with multiple agencies for various marketing channels, instead they get a centralised service, one with a strategy at its core, that provides all their marketing needs for their business to achieve results and growth. A team of highly-skilled, dedicated people.
Leanne Matthews - Director
YMB Marketing & Advertising
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