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Content Marketing Strategy for TrinityP3

An intensive content marketing strategy significantly grew website visitors and revenue for this Australian marketing consultancy. We worked with the client team to create the content, optimise it for Google and managed the author team’s LinkedIn strategy.
Content Marketing case study


  • Grew annual visitors from 6K to 200K
  • Google Organic up 284%
  • Revenue growth 115%
  • Significant growth in social media engagement
  • Grew blog posts to over 1K


This strategy gained a lot of visibility in content marketing circles. It led to our agency being the first New Zealand agency to be featured on Content Marketing Institute as a recommended agency and gained us a listing on Chief Content Officer Magazine.

The strategy was primarily focused on publishing comprehensive, unique, high quality content three times every week. There were multiple authors from the client team who shared their expertise regularly. This was supported by a page optimisation strategy based on SEO principles and a comprehensive social media strategy using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and YouTube. This was supported by op eds on top advertising and media websites and keynote appearances at industry conferences.

All this activity grew brand visibility, attracted leads and grew revenue. 

The team at High Profile Enterprises (Whippet Digital), and especially the directors, have been instrumental in helping transform TrinityP3 into a world renowned marketing management consultancy. Without their strategy, hard work and discipline the success we enjoy would still be a dream…
Darren Woolley – CEO and Founder

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