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SEO strategy for immago

A long term SEO strategy for immago has brought big incremental results. This strategy is heavily focused toward owning a keyword niche on Google. We designed a keyword focused, multi-author content marketing strategy, addressed technical performance and website errors and supplemented this with a social media strategy.
SEO case study


  • Google organic visitors up by 1,033% since 2018
  • Users up 613% since 2018
  • Year on year Google Organic up 99%
  • 44 targeted keywords in the number 1 position on Google
  • 3.6K keywords ranking on Google
  • 2.13K backlinks from 763 referring domains


We have worked with immago for ten years and this has allowed us to incrementally grow this client’s organic traffic results and to dominate a search niche that includes immago’s product range and their prioritisation of label solutions for sustainable fashion.

The strategy incorporated a regular schedule of high quality content taking the expertise of the client team and creating optimised content to grow search engine visibility as well as topics targeted toward industry trends.

We also prioritised technical performance and error elimination and we managed the migration to a new website and CMS to enable it to be more Google friendly.

Content promotion is primarily focused on LinkedIn and boosted posts on Facebook.

We have assisted in growing a global presence for this company.

We have been working with HPE (Whippet Digital) since 2013, and their results have been outstanding. From optimising our website through managing our social media platform, to delivering SEO growth, the Whippet team have been a critical business partner in enhancing our international reputation and building our brand recognition across the world.

David Marshall – CEO immago


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