Artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves in the media these days. But what does it all mean, really? It’s like having a fast car – it can get laborious work done quickly, but just like driving a car, you need a license, or you’ll crash. Many folks and companies are hopping on the AI bandwagon to speed things up, but they often don’t have a clue how to use it effectively.

The reality and challenges of AI

AI is currently doing just about everything, especially when it comes to writing and creating good written information. This is causing some headaches for schools and anyone who puts words on paper. Google claims it’s OK with AI, but we believe that AI will be used as a lazy choice and will trigger a Google backlash when used in large amounts. (several case studies have shown this already)

When AI goes off the rails, it creates content that doesn’t make sense, misleads, or is just plain wrong and breaks the rule of a good user experience. So, it should be used in moderation, with a human touch to make it real.

The future of AI

So, what are the future predictions for AI? Some say it’s going to take jobs away from people but remember, many said the same thing about computers, and now we have more jobs than ever. The trick is to roll with the changes and upskill yourself. Sure, AI might replace some basic jobs, but there’ll always be a need for writers who put together good reader-focused information.

You might think AI is all shiny and new, but the truth is that similar software has been around for years. It’s just now that it’s in the spotlight, and user-friendly tools have made it obvious. Humans are pretty adaptable; they’ll figure out how to deal with it. AI does speed up routine tasks and leaves more room for creative thinking, but it’s got its challenges, especially in areas like graphic design and copyright. AI can recreate anything, which can raise some big copyright issues. We’ll need laws to catch up with this new world, but it won’t be easy.

What can artificial intelligence do today?

Well, it’s a writer, for sure. It’s great at putting together long and complex articles. New tools are cropping up to help it condense big texts into summary documents. Some specialists are putting forward the idea of having some deliberate errors to prove it to be “human”. Government leaders and big corporations are trying to figure out how to keep AI in check, but with the tech landscape evolving faster and new tools being released every day, it’s going to be hard.

Like most technology, there will be a few leaders that rise to the top to power the back end of other tools. If I were to make a prediction, government agencies would look to enforce laws against what can and can’t be done from a systematic perspective at the source of tools being created.   

There are tons of AI tools out there, but are they going to take over the world? Not just yet.

What can artifical intelligence do today.

AI’s social impact

Right now, it’s got people worried – fear of the unknown, especially when it comes to imagery and defining what is real and what is created. It was noted that Boris Eldagsen, a German artist who won the prize for the creative open category at the Sony World Photography Awards, has revealed his prize-winning photo was generated with artificial intelligence and turned down the award.

There’s a lot of noise in the entertainment world because AI might replace stunt actors, leading to strikes to secure jobs. It’s a real conundrum. Writers might also be fretting about their work because of AI, but we see it as a helper, not a job breaker. A good writer will always be in demand, and so will a top actor.

As technology leaders shape AI’s future and governments try to put in rules, one thing is clear: AI won’t take over the world just yet, but it will change things moving forward. Its social impact sparks debate and fear, but in the realm of writing, it’s a valuable assistant, not a threat.

In the end, human creativity remains irreplaceable, and AI and human intelligence will work together, most likely creating jobs that don’t even yet exist.

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