Have you been given a ‘boring’ topic to write about? Staring into a blank page, not knowing where to start? Most content writers will have had to cross this bridge at some stage. The good news is that there really is no such thing as a boring topic. With your head in the game, any topic can be transformed into interesting content.

There’s one word to remember here: perspective.

You may find it boring, but there is no doubt that it’ll be right up someone else’s alley. Interests differ from person to person, so come at it as if you are the very person who thrives off topics like this. Without the right perspective, you’ll find it very difficult to believe in what you’re saying and you’ll end up with a whole lot of waffling content.

If you buy into the notion that there is no way you could shape your topic into something interesting, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

So, come on, get creative. Let’s look at how we can turn that ‘boring’ topic into some beautiful content.

Get interested 

Pretending to be interested has a funny way of showing through your writing. Losing focus or misinterpreting facts are a sure sign that the writer did not have a genuine interest in their topic.

If it means digging deep, then dig deep. Perhaps you simply don’t know enough about the topic to find it interesting. That can be easily changed. Learn more about it and you might just surprise yourself.

Developing a good level of interest in your topic allows you to connect with your audience and write inspiring, relatable content. And being interested also means you can be enthusiastic in your tone. How can anyone be influential without enthusiasm?

Believe it or not, a lot of good can come from viewing a topic as boring.

You represent the group of people that need a little more convincing.

You’ll know you’ve written interesting content if you’ve sold it to yourself by the end.

Creating interesting content is all about the angle

Your angle is a vital part of delivering interesting content. Without a solid angle, you’ll risk ending up with a disjointed, soulless piece of writing that no-one will read.

Think of your angle as the ‘human’ element to your topic.

Establishing your angle early on creates a good foundation for audience engagement. With plenty of content out there, it’s wise to engage your audience quickly so they’ll stick around. As you continue to link your points back to your angle, your content will stay focused and hold your audience’s attention.

And make your angle a good one. While we say there’s no such thing as a boring topic, there’s definitely such a thing as a boring angle.

If you’re stuck trying to come up with a good angle, here are a couple of things to think about.

  • first of all, what will your audience relate to? Look for trends or FAQs surrounding the topic and see if they’ll work as a basis for developing content.
  • are there any current events that you could tie in with the topic? Being up-to-date with news events serves you very well in writing interesting content. Even though your topic might be boring, people are always interesting. A simple skim through news sites could give you a real-life story to relate your topic to.

Be concise and be useful

It’s not about the word count. It’s about saying what’s important as concisely as you can.

Very few people will want to read dense paragraphs loaded with waffling facts. This will only make your boring topic even more boring. Don’t feel like you always need to write humorous, clever content either. Particularly if you’re selling a product or service, your topic may call for straightforward information.

Keep your writing simple and to-the-point. If you have to deliver statistics or facts, include only the highlights.

And remember to solve problems. Your content should deliver clear solutions to your audience and they’ll want to hear these quickly.  Give the readers the solution they came to you to find.

interesting content

Next time you’re struggling to turn a boring topic into interesting content, remember these things, be enthusiastic, be relevant and be useful.

Or better yet, turn to us and we’ll tackle it for you.

Written web content is a powerful tool, adding value to your website and attracting visitors. Companies are quickly cottoning on to this fact, offering them new avenues for marketing opportunities.

We are a creative group of people who get our kicks from crafting interesting content, whatever the topic.

We’ve had a lot of practice and it is well within our realm of expertise.

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