The term clickbait has been around for a few years now. Clickbait is using a sensationalist title to grab attention and get people to consume your content. The bottom line is that clickbait is really a form of online trickery.

Where is clickbait found?

Anywhere online. 

Social media platforms, websites, advertisements, google – everywhere!

Clickbait is normally an article or content headline related to current trends but the headline is worded in a way that holds some shock value to it.


So you will click on it.

You have probably come across clickbait somewhere, and either knowingly or unknowingly clicked it.

I’d assume knowingly – the titles stand out. Here are some examples of clickbait titles.

  • ‘Clean your shower using this one incredible trick’
  • ‘(Insert name) did this and his/her followers couldn’t believe it’
  • ‘Remember (insert name) you won’t believe what he/she looks like now’
  • Everyone was laughing at him/her and she/he had no idea – find out why

Any of these ring a bell? That’s clickbait…

So what’s the problem with clickbait?

Clickbait is not genuine. A deceiving title that makes people believe the content or copy you provide will be better than it actually is. Another term clickbait is known as – ‘fake news.

“Clickbait is tricking people into consuming your content by making them believe it will be better than what it really is. You take something from your audience without fulfilling your part of the deal: creating useful, quality content.”

Gregory Golinski, head of SEO at

Imagine the disappointment when your copy or content does not meet their expectations. No one likes to feel like they’ve been misled or had their time wasted and your brand could become identified with questionable information or wasted time.

Yes, clickbait does drive traffic to content. Click, click, click. But traffic doesn’t create bonds or relationships with audiences, which in turn creates profit and revenue.

In fact, it more often does the opposite.

It really annoys them.

Don’t want to be annoying? Read on.

Where does clickbait fit in with content marketing?

The short answer is that if it’s quality content or copywriting – clickbait is not needed.

Content or copywriting is a form of marketing that connects businesses to their customers.

You won’t connect or build an audience if you deceive them. As a business, you want to connect with your target audience, by building relationships and finding new customers.  You want people to keep coming back.

And clickbait is not how you connect or bond with your customers. You have better chances of customer retention if you can provide content that is informative, provides solutions and offers value to your customer.

Think about it – fake, false or deceiving content has a big impact on your business. Not only is it majorly annoying – it damages your reputation. Better to not go down that path.

How can you create content that offers value?

That’s easy – be genuine.

Creating content or copy that is of quality, informative, and answers the questions your customers have about your product or service.

If they find value in your content or you answer their questions – without misleading, then you are on track to creating a relationship with that customer.

Clickbait effectively wastes your customer’s time. They’ve clicked on your content because you’re offering something and if you don’t deliver you can say goodbye to a potential customer and sale.

Is all clickbait bad?

Not all clickbait online is bad. You can create an effective or attention-grabbing title without the need to mislead or create ‘fake news.

If you are creating content that you want to create a real wow headline – think about what the purpose of your headline and what the content is about. You can still create a clever headline or an attention-grabbing one – without the need to sensationalise.

Just ask yourself if you will be able to deliver your headline with your content and copy? If the answer is yes, then you are being genuine.

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