It’s that time again for our monthly round-up of client content highlights!

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The pros and cons of the Keto diet – Olivado

Keto Diet Pros and Cons

Olivado create some of the most delicious cooking oils in the world and they started right here in New Zealand. Not only do they produce award-winning oils, but their website is filled with incredible recipes for anyone to try at home.

The Keto diet has exploded in popularity in recent years due to social media, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? In this post we looked at the pros and cons of the keto diet, if it was safe, and, above all, does it work?

What happens when an agency bites off more than it can chew? – TrinityP3

Marketing agency TrinityP3

TrinityP3 are an award-winning global marketing consultancy. Their work takes many forms, including helping agencies improve marketing performance, delivering digital and technological transformation, and providing environmentally sustainable marketing solutions. The TrinityP3 blog is an excellent source for all things marketing.

This post asks what happens if an agency bites off more than it can chew. The quick way to grow an agency is to win the business of a major advertiser, but you have to walk before you can run. Taking on too much has consequences for the agency, the staff and the clients.

Become an Ecological Outcome Verification Monitor – Ata Regenerative

EOV mentor training

Ata Regenerative aim to bring our soil back to full health by helping farmers use not just sustainable practices, but regenerative ones. Their Ecological Outcome Verification approach to farming gives tangible, scientific results, showing farmers exactly how their new approach is working and in which areas.

At the forefront of regenerative agriculture practice in New Zealand, Ata are now looking for people to become a certified EOV monitor. This post explains what’s involved if someone wants to join their EOV training course.

Families with solar panels save one-third on energy bills! – Bright Earth Solar

Solar power savings!

Bright Earth Solar are experts in all things electrical, specializing in solar, including panels, inverters and batteries. They’re also experts in home automation if you would like to make your life easier!

The latest report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) showed that Australian homes with solar panels saved, on average, one-third of the electricity bills compared to those without. We explained why this was the case in this article.

Endeavour Through Adversity – ThruDark Apparel performance clothing – immago

ThruDark apparel with immago

Immago are experts in the textile & garment industry and have been helping businesses both big and small for over 50 years. They are now heavily invested in sustainability and what it means for the future of the industry.

They recently announced a partnership with ThruDark – a company whose origins lie in the Special Forces of the Royal Navy, the legendary SBS.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pallet Racking – PRS

FAQ for pallet racking

Pallet Racking Solutions are a New Zealand-owned and operated company providing complete warehouse solutions for all manner of industries. If your warehouse needs relocating, these are the guys to call!

In this post, we answered some of the most common questions around pallet racking, such as cost, building, and legal requirements.

Women in trades – a perspective from our industry – Rapid Facilities

Women in trades
Rapid Facilities deliver specialized services for unique businesses, covering everything from Industrial Painting to Bird Proofing.

Did you know that only 2% of electrical apprentices are female? Rapid Facilities want a better representation of women in the workplace because they believe in equality.  We fully agree with them as this article explains.

5 reasons to take a spring holiday in Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park!

Content highlights for HPE August

As far as holiday destinations in New Zealand go, Ohiwa is up there with the best. The Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is in the perfect spot for pretty much any activity you would like to try!

And after the cold, wet winter months, even more miserable this year due to the various COVID-19 lockdowns, an early spring holiday is just what the doctor ordered! Here are 5 reasons to visit Ohiwa on your spring holiday.

Questions to ask your heat pump technician? – Flocon

heat pump technician

Flocon have been helping people with their heating and cooling problems in the Auckland area for a decade now, and have become one of the most respected teams out there, especially with their heat pump specials which regularly appear on the site, so keep an eye out!

If you do have a heat pump or are considering buying one, then it’s important to know what to ask your specialist. This post will guide you through what type of questions you should have ready for any heat pump technician.

Oregon OSHA Enacts New Emergency Wildfire Smoke Rules – Aeroqual

WIldfires in Orgean

Since 2001, Aeroqual have been developing integrated monitoring and software systems, underpinned by industry-leading sensor technology. They offer a range of products to help both indoor and outdoor air quality control and testing.

As wildfires continue to blaze throughout the United States, Oregon OSHA has issued a series of temporary rules to protect workers from the harmful effects of wildfire smoke. Read more about this fascinating subject here.

Get your deck ready for spring with liquid rubber deck coating – Cohe

Waterproof your deck

Cohe is a New Zealand-based supplier of incredible waterproofing products that are environmentally friendly and suitable for both regular Joe home improvers and professional tradesmen. Using state-of-the-art technology Cohe products have been developed to be the best, most cost-effective products for customers.

There’s nothing like sitting out on your deck on a beautiful summer’s evening, so do yourself a favour and get yours ready now before the hot weather kicks in! And it’s not hard either – waterproofing your deck is simple and cheap when using Cohe’s Liquid Rubber Deck coating!

Innovative funeral support service coming to the Eastern Bay with help from Trust Horizon

Trust Horizon project

Trust Horizon is a community-based organisation made up of a skilled and passionate group of representatives from across the Eastern Bay. Through exciting local projects, they invest in the region’s future, helping everyone from children to the elderly.

The Trust is once again helping the local community, this time through a community development organization called Eastern Bay Villages. Discover how Trust Horizon is helping to fund an affordable and eco-friendly funeral support service in this post.

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