Each month we take a look back at the previous one and pick out some of the best blog posts and articles we’ve created for our clients. December saw some excellent advice for interviewing candidates for a job, how an agriculture project in Rotorua is changing local lives, and 3 delicious fish recipes for you to try at home! Enjoy!

Advertising Agency Fees – A Comprehensive Guide for Marketing – TrinityP3

We’ll start with an epic (or Skyscraper) post. This 10,000+ word article was written by David Angell from TrinityP3. We designed the SEO and promotional strategies. This included keyword research, competitive analysis, backlink research, page optimisation and promotions were via social media, newsletters, external site publishing, performance testing and measurement. It is currently moving up in Google search results around the world and has already hit the number one position in several countries.

The article is a comprehensive look at advertising agency fees. It covers many subjects and answer many questions, such as how is advertising agency pricing agreed? How do agencies get paid? How should agencies get paid, and is there a better way? It has everything you need to know about agency fees.

How to get the most out of a candidate interview – 40 Foot

40 Foot are a specialist recruitment company in New Zealand, focusing on securing talent in the IT industry. Specialising in off-shore talent, they can find you the perfect fit for the role you’re recruiting for, with many options including full and part time, permanent and temporary staff.

While interviews can be nerve-wracking for potential employees, it’s often overlooked that it’s also stressful for the person holding the interview too. This blog posts gives some hints and tips about how to handle and prepare when you’re interviewing someone for a position.

Do justice to your catch of the day with these 3 recipes – Olivado

3 fish recipes

Olivado make some of the finest cooking oils in the world, resulting in some mouth-watering recipes you can try at home!

This blog post takes advantage of fishing season here in New Zealand, and gives three delicious catch of the day recipes you can whip up on the barbeque.

How Carbon Dioxide Monitoring and Ventilation Make for Healthier Schools – Aeroqual

carbon monoxide testing in schools

Aeroqual are leaders in air quality monitoring, with their integrated monitoring and software systems making it simple and easy to measure the air.

The most common source of indoor CO2 is people, and with upwards of 30 children in a classroom, indoor air quality is important to monitor. This post looks at the effect that excess CO2 exposure can have on students and why a robust monitoring system and proper ventilation are essential.

Kai Rotorua Regenerative Agriculture Project – Ata Regenerative

Ata regenerative Rotorua

Āta Regenerative has been set up to champion the movement reconnecting people and producers with their land. They champion the “Land to Market” approach, helping transparency and accountability in the food chain.

Kai Rotorua began as the Rotorua Local Food Network, a group of 30 volunteers whose aim was to make healthy, locally grown food affordable and accessible for the whole community. Read about the project here and how Āta helped along the way.

80% of apparel companies lack supply chain transparency – immago

apparel supply chain

For over 60 years immago have been helping businesses in the apparel and fashion industries. From small start-ups to internationally recogised brands, they can help with everything from packaging to anti-theft devices.

Sustainability in the apparel industry has come under the spotlight in recent years, with supply chain transparency now under the microscope. Read how without total visibility of all the companies across the entire supply chain and traceability of all materials used, the sustainability credentials of a brand cannot be verified.

Antimicrobial treatments that will help protect your business against Covid19 – Rapid Facilities

anti-bacterial treatment

Rapid Facilities offer specialised services in all aspects of food manufacturing cleaning, industrial cleaning, and building and grounds maintenance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to rethink safety. This blog post talks about how business has changed since COVID and how antimicrobial treatments help prevent bacteria from breeding and living on surfaces within your workplace.

How heat pumps can help in the fight against climate change – Flocon

heat pumps and climate change

Flocon are one of the Auckland’s leading heat pump and air conditioning experts. Now celebrating a decade since opening, their staff have high levels of knowledge, skill and commitment they bring to every sale and installation.

When it comes to climate change, heat pumps might not be the first thing that springs to mind. But as this post explains, you’ll be surprised that helping to fight such a colossal threat can be done in the comfort of your own home!

Pallet Racking Solutions for the Construction Industry – PRS

pallet racking in construction industry

Pallet Racking Solutions are a New Zealand-owned and operated company providing complete warehouse solutions for all manner of industries. If you need help with building consent, these guys can ensure the installation will comply with the New Zealand Building Code.

The construction industry is a huge, complex and dynamic sector, bringing with it unique logistical requirements along every link in the chain. Part of that chain is warehouse storage, and the backbone of that is good, effective and efficient pallet racking.

How do you bridge the ‘touch’ gap for banks and FX customers? – Hedgebook

Hedgebook SaaS

Hedgebook was formed over 10 years ago with a mission to help businesses of all sizes make sense of treasury risk, devise profit-protecting strategies and collaborate more efficiently with their bank and broker via their market-leading SaaS platform.

What is the expectation between low touch and high touch contact between banks, brokers and their FX customers? What should a successful engagement look like and how do you bridge the gap? This post answers those questions and much more.

Heating your swimming pool costs a fortune – why not use solar power? – Bright Earth Solar

HPE content highlights for December

Bright Earth Solar are Adelaide’s premier solar experts, specialising in the latest range of home solar panels, commercial installations and electrical services.

Almost 3 million Australians live in a house with a pool, but they’re not cheap to run! If you use your pool a lot, you could be looking at an extra $3K – $4K per year just to run it. This blog post explains how you can save a lot of money by using solar to heat the nation’s favourite pastime.

The best concrete waterproofing sealer that’s quick and easy to use – Cohe

concrete waterproof sealent

Cohe offer quick, efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective repairs, for both DIY and commercial applications, with their range of waterproofing products, suitable for both regular Joe home improvers and professional tradesmen.

Standard concrete may seem waterproof, but looks can be deceptive. Concrete is naturally porous and prone to water absorption, but fear not! Cohe’s amazing concrete waterproofing sealer is here to save the day!

Seven watch-outs with AI-driven marketing mix modelling – TrinityP3

AI in marketing

And finally one more for TrinityP3 this month! This blog post outlines some of the pitfalls and look-outs that we’re seeing with AI-driven marketing mix modelling and explains how to do it right.

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