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February was fascinating, with blog posts on how to avoid the dangers of asbestos, why avocado oil is good for you, and a profile on Charles Massy, pioneer in the regenerative farming movement.


How immago can help your apparel business in Australia – immago

immago in Oz

As experts in the textile and garment industry, immago have been helping businesses both big and small for over half a century. Their solutions include everything from barcodes to sustainable packaging.

The Australian apparel industry is worth an estimated $20 Billion USD per year. In this post, immago CEO David Marshall explains how they work with Australian businesses to save time, stress and money.

Charles Massy; A pioneer in the regenerative farming movement – Ata Regenerative

Charles Massy

Ata Regenerative aim to bring our soil back to full health by helping farmers use not just sustainable practices, but regenerative ones. Ata is the only official Savory Hub for New Zealand, committed to bringing health back to land for the health of NZ’s future.

Charles Massy is an Australian fifth-generation farmer, a scientist, an author, an advocate, and a leading pioneer in the regenerative agriculture movement. Read all about his incredible work here, and how regenerative agriculture could save the planet.

Is your agency a precision weapon, or a passive order-taker? – TrinityP3

TrinityP3 SWAT

TrinityP3 are a global marketing consultancy that for over 20 years has been helping businesses get the most out of their marketing. Their role call of the industry’s most experienced and talented marketers and advertisers truly makes them one of the best in the world.

Too many marketers think of their agencies as a passive entity, there to soak up tasks, do what they’re told. As this blog post shows there’s a better way to operate.

Zoom recording and minutes of Tumu Kaituna 14 Owners Engagement Hui #1 – Tumu Kaituna 14 Trust

Tumu Kaituna

The Tumu Kaituna 14 (TK14) Trust is an Ahuwhenua Trust established in 1973 to protect a block of Maori land just south of Tauranga to ensure the land provides benefits for generations to come.

The Trust has now published the minutes and Zoom recording of the first Owner Engagement Hui. View the transcript and the video can be found in this post here.

Aeroqual Unify – Aeroqual

Aeroqual air systems

Since 2001, Aeroqual have been developing integrated monitoring and software systems, underpinned by industry-leading sensor technology. They offer a range of products to help both indoor and outdoor air quality control and testing.

Aeroqual Unify is a seamlessly integrated package of air quality monitoring systems, software, and services that delivers credible and useful hyperlocal data, without the high operating costs.

5 reasons why avocado oil is good for you – Olivado

Olivado avocado oil

From a small Kiwi company in Northland to a global name and world-leader in cooking oil, Olivado have a range of delicious oils that will enhance any recipe.

This incredible post on Avocados explains how they have more potassium than a banana, more protein than any other fruit, half the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin K, and a third of Vitamin C. And this is just the start!

Relentless Auckland humidity has Aucklanders calling for air conditioning – Flocon

Auckland humidity

Flocon have become one of the most respected air conditioning teams in the Auckland area, helping people with their heating and cooling problems for over 10 years. They not only install heating and cooling systems but are also maintenance and repair experts too.

If you live in Auckland you’ll relate to the hot and sweaty commutes, frizzy hair, muggy air, damp sticky clothes at this time of the year. The simple solution? Install an air conditioner!

Why you can’t ignore the benefits of antimicrobial treatments – Rapid Facilities

antimicrobial treatment

Whatever the industry and whatever the job, Rapid Facilities are experts in specialized cleaning. From antimicrobial treatment to bird proofing, their services are essential when it comes to food industry audits.

Antimicrobial treatments are a key component in conducting a hygiene plan for your business to comply with NZ food safety standards. Bacteria can run rampant in all kinds of food manufacturing plants, which has detrimental effects on your business, your employees, and your consumers. This post explains how and why you should have your premises treated with specialised cleaning.

Enhancements to INZ’s visa application and processing system now live – New Kiwis

New Kiwis visa application

New Kiwis offers information, advice, training, and help to immigrant workers in New Zealand. It is a free service provided by Auckland Business Chamber and Immigration New Zealand, with some incredibly useful blog posts.

On 31 January 2022, enhancements to Immigration New Zealand’s (INZ) online application system went live, making applying for a visa easier and faster. This post explains what’s new and how it can help anyone applying for a visa.

Why choose asbestos encapsulation over removal – Cohe

asbestos encapsulation

Cohe offer a range of amazing waterproofing products that are quick, efficient, and environmentally-friendly and suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Asbestos is not a word you want to hear when it’s associated with your own home or commercial building. Although asbestos was widely used many decades ago, it is now considered dangerous due to its known serious hazardous effects. This post goes over why choosing an asbestos encapsulation could be the right choice for your home.

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