It’s a new year but the work never ends!

While most people were enjoying their summer holidays, our team of copywriters were typing away, creating content for our clients to help support and grow their online presence.

January was an interesting month, with predictions for the coming year for the apparel industry, DIY tips on how to remove cracks in your driveway, and a fascinating case study about regenerating the land on the Chatham Islands.


What can save agencies from a reduced share of their client’s production spend? – TrinityP3


An award-winning global marketing consultancy, TrinityP3 help agencies improve marketing performance. Covering everything from digital technologies to media advertising, their comprehensive blog is a must for anyone in the industry.

This post explains how production often represents more than half the spend with creative agencies, and most agencies are failing to compete to retain this spend. What can be done about it?

Chatham Islands Case Study – Ata Regenerative

Chatham Islands Tree

Ata Regenerative help farmers use not only sustainable practices, but regenerative ones, bringing our soil back to full health. Their Ecological Outcome Verification approach to farming gives tangible, scientific results, showing farmers exactly how their new approach is working and in which areas.

Ata are proud to work alongside the Hokotehi Moriori Trust in the Chatham Islands, helping to regenerate the land, society, and culture of Rekohu people. This case study explains the challenges, solutions and implementation of the work there.

Three burger recipes to satisfy the hungriest appetite! – Olivado

Olivado burgers

New Zealand’s very own Olivado cooking oils are world-renowned for their goodness, versatility, and taste. Not only do they produce award-winning oils, but their website is filled with incredible recipes for anyone to try at home.

This post takes three of those recipes, breaking down the ingredients, method and even have instructional videos on how to make these delicious burgers!

What is the purpose and benefits of a cleaning audit? – Rapid Facilities

Rapid Facilities Cleaning

Whatever the industry and whatever the job, Rapid Facilities offer specialised services in all aspects of food manufacturing cleaning, industrial cleaning, and building and grounds maintenance.

Now more than ever business owners are under pressure to maintain a strict cleaning practice. Discover how with regular cleaning audits your clients and employees will be able to use your facilities with confidence, while minimizing the use of sick leave from your employees.

AQY R Air Quality Network Monitor – Aeroqual

Aeroqual product

Aeroqual have been developing integrated air quality monitoring and software systems since 2001, underpinned by industry-leading sensor technology. They offer a range of products to help all sectors of industries monitor air quality.

The AQY-R is a small sensor monitoring system, available as part of the Aeroqual Unify sensor network solution. It measures nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and ozone continuously and in real-time. You can read more about it here.

Predictions for the apparel industry for 2022 – immago

immago apparel predictions

With over 50 years of experience, immago are experts in the textile & garment industry, helping businesses both big and small. They are now heavily invested in sustainability and what it means for the future of fashion.

As we head into 2022, the effects of the pandemic are, and will, be felt for a long time to come, but what can we expect over the next year? Here are immago’s predictions for the apparel industry over the next 12 months.

The value of narrow aisle pallet racking for warehousing – PRS

Pallet Racking Solutions narrow aisle

If you’re looking for experienced storage advice, quality products, service and installation, then Pallet Racking Solutions can help. Their range of products will help transform your warehouse, making it safer and more efficient.

A great example of this is narrow aisle pallet racking. This post explains how if you’re running out of space, there are other things you can do to make the most of your warehouse capacity without moving to a bigger warehouse, including making your aisles narrower.

This is how air conditioning removes humidity and moisture in your home – Flocon

Flocon air conditioning

Flocon are experts in heating and cooling systems. Based in Auckland they not only provide home heating solutions, but commercial ones too!

Keeping yourself and your family comfortable on these hot summer days is more manageable in dry heat. This blog post explains how by reducing the humidity in your home or place of business, you can make life much more comfortable!

What is the best way to repair cracks in your concrete driveway? – Cohe

Cohe concrete repair

Cohe supply innovative construction products that allow for a quick, efficient, and environmentally-friendly repair, especially for commercial projects.  

Although concrete is tough and durable, concrete driveways deteriorate and will develop cracks over the years. Instead of ripping it all up and starting from scratch, this post shows you how to repair the cracks using Cohe’s MG-KRETE.

New website built from scratch! – 40Foot

40Foot recruitment

It wasn’t just blog posts over the summer holidays, we created the content and looked after SEO and speed optimisation for our new client on a brand new website.

Using their vast network of contacts around the world, 40 Foot connect employers with contractors, creating the perfect partnership. Specialising in IT recruitment, they search the globe for talented, hardworking professionals, ready to start work in New Zealand remotely or in the office as soon as you need them.

The site was a lot of hard work, but it all came together in the end, on time, and looks great – the client couldn’t be happier!

Website content creation is just another bow to our string here at High Profile Enterprises. If you would like to know more about how we can help your business grow, then contact us today and let’s have a friendly, informal chat.