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The Chatham Islands Regenerative Project – Āta Regenerative

The Āta Regenerative team founded by Dr Hugh Jellie brings 17 years of research and practical application to your agricultural practice. Āta Regenerative has a range of educational resources, events, workshops, webinars, and more to assist you in understanding the principles and application of regenerative to farms, communities, organisations, and government.

Āta Regenerative is proud to be working with the Hokotehi Moriori Trust to help them achieve their vision of reviving Moriori language, culture, and values as a means of regenerating society and land on Rekohu. Find out more here.

AI driven modelling is both present and future – and media agencies should give up the fight to own it – TrinityP3

TrinityP3 is an independent strategic marketing management consulting company founded by Darren Woolley. TrinityP3’s global consultants provide solutions for marketing, advertising, media and technology challenges. T

AI driven modelling has been here for a while and is going to play an increasing role in marketing. Learn why media agencies should give up trying to own it here.

Cal/OSHA Wildfire Smoke Regulation – Aeroqual

Aeroqual is a global leader in air quality monitoring. Since 2001 they have partnered with government, industry, researchers, and consultants on thousands of projects, in 70 countries, on all seven continents. Every day, environmental, health, and safety professionals are protecting people and the planet from the impact of air pollution.

Smoke from wildfires contains chemicals and fine particles that can harm a person’s health significantly. This article discusses Cal/OSHA air quality standards aimed at protecting the health and safety of California’s Workers. Read more here.

Shoplifting, product security, and eco-friendly security tags – immago

Founded by David Marshall, immago is a global apparel solutions company. immago specialise in clothing label and packaging solutions that communicate your brand imagery, display item-specific variable information, and product labeling. 

For many years now, immago has been able to offer a range of cost-effective product-level security tag options. immago has been working to improve EAS (electronic article surveillance) tag systems by creating a more sustainable variant. Find out more about how they achieved this here.

Turning waste avocado product into biogas – Olivado

Olivado produces a large range of high-quality oils with all ingredients painstakingly selected to produce the best oils in the world. From humble beginnings in New Zealand, Olivado is now the world’s largest producer of extra virgin cold-pressed avocado oil. From seed to bottle, Olivado oils deliver on taste, quality, and goodness.

Olivado’s CEO explains how their pioneering biogas plants in Africa came about and their importance to the New Zealand farming industry. Olivado works hard to leave communities and the environment in a better state than when they started. Find out more about it here.

Q Cell’s new home battery system comes with free solar panels! – Bright Earth Solar

Bright Earth Solar is the leading solar energy services company in South Australia. They specialise in energy-saving solutions, all guaranteed to save you money compared to traditional electrical resources. 

If you have been thinking about switching to solar energy this article is for you.

What are Q Cells? This new Energy Storage System (ESS) has been created to help homeowners and small businesses have greater control over how and when they store and consume their solar energy. If you buy a 12Kwh battery, we’ll give you the solar panels to go along with it – find out more here.

Trust Horizon to help fund family fun at the Ōhope Chartered Club – Trust Horizon

Trust Horizon is dedicated to investing in a wide range of projects, spanning Whakatāne, Ōpōtiki, Kawerau, and Kaingaroa Village. They are a local Charitable Trust, with a commitment to local areas and they help to bring benefits directly to the communities they know and love. 

The Ōhope Chartered Club is home to a bar, restaurant, and local community hub. Soon, it will also house a family-friendly café – thanks to almost $40,000 in funding from Trust Horizon. Read more about this exciting project here.

Motor cycle and car tours: group accommodation for clubs – The Park Hotel

Whether it’s a big or small group The Park Hotel caters to all needs. The Park Hotel offers a great range of accommodation at the gateway to the Tongariro National Park. The 3-star hotel offers guests a quality mix of comfortable accommodations, a great restaurant, and facilities.

After a day on the road, you will find yourselves in the ultimate comfortable environment with excellent food and accommodation in one of the most beautiful locations in New Zealand. Find out more about The Park’s great range of quality group accommodation here.

Jenny-May’s story: Moving her butt to raise awareness – Bowel Cancer New Zealand

Bowel Cancer New Zealand is helping the 1 in 6 New Zealanders affected by bowel cancer. They support those living with bowel cancer and their families. Their work includes educating communities and raising awareness of bowel cancer symptoms.

Television presenter and ex-Silver Fern, Jenny-May Clarkson, is taking on the Move your Butt challenge once again this June to help more Kiwis beat bowel cancer. “Sometimes pushing yourself to move isn’t all that comfortable, but neither is bowel cancer. We’re all going through tough times right now, but those with cancer are doing it tougher.” Find out more about her challenge here.


Is auto-hedging the next big thing in treasury? – Hedgebook

Hedgebook’s mission is to help businesses of all sizes make sense of treasury and fx risk, devise profit-protecting strategies, and collaborate more efficiently with their bank and broker via our market-leading SaaS platform.

The benefits of auto-hedging based on a pre-agreed strategy are clear and the objections are well understood. We expect banks, and eventually, currency brokers, to continue to adapt and refine their approach to address and overcome these objections, bringing their solutions closer to where treasurers need them to be. Read more here.

Why you need to keep on top of heat pump cleaning and maintenance – Flocon

Flocon are experts in Mitsubishi Electric’s range of heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial spaces. Flocon provides you with the best possible solution for your heating and cooling needs backing the renowned Mitsubishi Electric brand.  

Keeping on top of regular maintenance and heat pump cleaning will keep your heat pump running efficiently. Here are a few signs you can keep an eye out for that will indicate whether your heat pump needs cleaning or servicing. Find out everything you need to know here.

The top New Zealand Jobseeker FAQs – answered – New Kiwis

New Kiwis is a free service provided by the Auckland Business Chamber and Immigration New Zealand for employment services to migrant job seekers and New Zealand employers.

As New Zealand based skilled migrants, you will no doubt have a lot of questions about how to find the right job for you. We understand that searching for a job can be a daunting task, especially in a new country.

6 myths about commercial cleaning debunked – Rapid Facilities

Rapid Facility Services is a nationwide business that offers specialist commercial and industrial services. Rapid’s motto is, ‘We will do what others can’t or won’t do’. Whether you require a one-off service or an ongoing long-term cleaning or maintenance plan they can help. Rapid offers quality services with a highly skilled and trained team of staff.

Industrial and commercial cleaning is a complicated job as both require specialist cleaning knowledge and experience. There is a lot more to commercial cleaning than meets the eye. Find out about some common myths and what is true or misconception here.

Cohe group supplies innovative products that have multiple uses, perfect for DIYers right through to commercial applications. If you have an upcoming project that requires speciality products check out their range of products.

Check out this list of the top home renovation projects that can be completed either by DIYers or professionals that will increase the aesthetics and value of your home with Cohe’s great range of products. Get inspired here.

How can you improve your online customer experience? – High Profile Enterprises

We create a bespoke scope of work for each client as every business or organisation has different needs and goals. Cookie-cutter solutions simply don’t work so we spend a good deal of time at the outset to ensure we are delivering maximum value for you. 

Online customer experiences can feel like navigating a minefield as it’s a subject that is complex and full of problems. But absolutely worth the effort to make better. Find out more here.

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