It’s hard to believe we’re already into April, the year is flying by!

With each month that passes, the HPE team produce more quality content for our clients and March was no exception. Last month, we published, promoted and optimised a wide variety of content that enhanced the value of our clients’ websites.

Our clients come from a range of different industries, each with their own unique qualities that set them apart from the rest. It’s thanks to them and the impressive work they do that we always have plenty to write about.

Here are some of the content highlights from March.

BBC launches sustainability project at London Fashion Week – immago


immago have been supplying innovative labelling and packaging solutions to the apparel industry for over 50 years. With offices all over the world, the immago team is passionate about providing powerful and flexible solutions to their customers.

Sustainability in the fashion industry has long been a focus for immago and, in this post, Gary Ireland worked with immago CEO, David Marshall, on a look at the eco-friendly fashion brand Mother of Pearl who made their debut at London Fashion Week. Launched by the BBC, Mother of Pearl is a luxury womenswear brand that promotes sustainable living.

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How effectively are you managing your digital marketing? – TrinityP3

Trinity P3

TrinityP3 is a global marketing consultancy with 15 years’ experience in providing marketing solutions for their clients. Their leading-edge approach to marketing has seen TrinityP3 expand their geographical footprint. They now have offices in Sydney, Singapore, New York and London and work alongside a global network of industry professionals.

Digital marketing has become an integral part of a complete marketing strategy. However, companies who manage their own digital marketing may not be getting the most out of their strategy. In this post, TrinityP3’s Senior Consultant, Ilona Evans looks at the many aspects of digital marketing and how to manage each of them as effectively as possible.

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Why you should avoid having text on your slides when you are talking – Anecdote


In 2004, Mark Schenk and Shawn Callahan saw an opportunity to inspire, engage and influence organisations through business storytelling. Since they began, Anecdote has grown into a global company with a network of over 50 partners in 26 countries. Their Storytelling for Leaders and Storytelling for Business programs have now been translated into 11 different languages and are a recognised global resource for developing leadership and sales skills.

In this post, Shawn Callahan explains why your audience is less likely to remember what you’re saying if you use text in your slides during a presentation. As we are prone to cognitive overload, it’s important to make yourself the sole focus, rather than forcing the audience to split their attention.

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How frequent corporate events create a positive workplace culture – Markovina Vineyard Estate


Markovina Vineyard Estate is a premium function and event venue for a wide range of special occasions in Auckland. From weddings to corporate events, Markovina’s extensive grounds provide an ideal space for celebrations of any kind.

Throughout the year, many companies choose to hold their corporate functions at Markovina Estate, all proving to be a huge success. Emily Bodman wrote this post to explain why it’s important to organise frequent corporate events if you want to create a culture of positivity in your workplace.

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A guide to the best mountain biking tracks in and around Ohiwa Beach – Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park

Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park

In the heart of the Eastern Bay of Plenty sits Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park. Situated on the shores of the glorious Ohiwa Harbour, this hidden gem is a favourite holiday destination for visitors from far and wide.

Surrounded by some of New Zealand’s most amazing natural landscape, there is so much to see and do while staying at Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park. In this post, HPE’s Emily Bodman focuses specifically on the mountain biking tracks in the region and why anyone can enjoy this activity, whatever their skill level.

Does switching to organic food make a difference to your health? – Olivado


Olivado began perfecting the process of extracting oil from Avocados in the early 2000s. With an innovative team who share a passion for nutrition, Olivado pioneered a unique extraction process using only the pulp from fair trade, organic avocados. Now with processing plants in both New Zealand and Kenya, Olivado’s extensive range of quality cooking oils can be found all over the world.

We are becoming increasingly aware of how the food we eat directly affects our bodies. As a result, many of us are switching to organic foods where possible. Is eating organic food really better for our health? The answer is yes and, in this post, Gary Ireland will explain why.

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Sure fire dog training secrets to get a calm and responsive dog – Win Win Dog Training

win win dog training

Sam Andrews-Paul is the Dog Behaviour Coach behind Win Win Dog Training. Sam successfully treats unwanted behavioural issues in dogs through the Dog Calming Code. This calm technique creates happier dogs while also helping owners establish a great friendship with their dog – it’s a win-win!

Sam is new to the blog scene so Midge helped Sam to kick things off with this post outlining some tried and true dog-training secrets. This post also goes into detail about the Dog Calming Code and why it’s so effective in managing dog behavioural issues.

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Satisfy your palate at these amazing Whakatane restaurants and cafes – Edge Realty

Edge Realty

Since 2008, Edge Realty has provided expert real estate services to the Whakatane region. With integrity, experience and dedication as their core values, Edge Realty give their clients the best possible attention when looking to buy, sell, rent a residential or commercial property.

Whakatane is a beautiful city with a work-life balance seldom seen elsewhere. In this post, Emily Bodman takes us through some of the best Whakatane restaurants and cafes and the qualities that make each one so unique. Warning: this post might make you hungry!

Healthy Homes Standards ramp up landlord heating obligations – are you prepared? – Flocon


Flocon has been providing expert heat pump installation to the Auckland region since 2012. The company associates exclusively with Mitsubishi Electric to offer the best possible heating and cooling solutions to their customers.

Now that the Healthy Homes Bill has passed, HPE’s Emily Bodman wrote this post to inform us of what will be expected of landlords and how to prepare. Landlords are now responsible for providing heating, ventilation, insulation, moisture control and draft stopping with the hope that the Healthy Homes Standards will improve the overall living conditions for New Zealand tenants.

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Here are the answers to the top 10 Tongariro Alpine Crossing FAQs – The Park Hotel

The Park Hotel

The Park Hotel offers quality, comfortable accommodation in the heart of Tongariro National Park. Not only is the location unbeatable, The Park Hotel boasts an on-site bar and restaurant that provides travellers with the perfect place to unwind after a day of adventuring in this vibrant part of New Zealand.

Tongariro National Park is known for its abundance of outdoor activities. One of the most famous things to do is trek the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Hiking 19.4 km along volcanic terrain takes a fair bit of preparation which is why HPE’s Emily Bodman answers the top 10 FAQs about the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in this post.

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5 oral health habits you’ll thank yourself for in 20 years – SDAI


The team at Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants (SDAI) are leaders in dental implants and advanced dental surgery. With highly-trained dental surgeons, innovative technology and compassionate staff, SDAI gives their patients a new lease on life as they work to restore and refine natural, beautiful smiles.

We know it’s important to look after our teeth but many of us believe that brushing twice a day is enough. In this post, HPE’s Gary Ireland worked with SDAI’s Melissa Licenblat on a look at five different ways we can look after our oral health and why we’ll be grateful we did them when we look back in 20 years’ time.

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Did you get sunburnt this summer? Time for a skin cancer check – Vein and Skin Clinic

Vein and Skin Clinic

The Vein and Skin Clinic offer safe and effective cosmetic treatments to the greater Wellington region. Using the latest technology, Vein and Skin Clinic’s non-invasive procedures include varicose vein removal, skin cancer removal, liposuction and anti-ageing treatments.

After a long, hot summer, signs of sun damage may be present in our skin. If you were a victim of sunburn at any point over the summer, Gary Ireland will tell you why it’s a good idea to go and have your skin checked sooner rather than later.

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Why you should hire a professional to automate your home – Designer AV

Designer AV

As Auckland’s leading specialists in all things home automation, Designer AV’s systems provide total home control. From smart lighting and security systems to smart home-theatre experiences, Designer AV is transforming the modern Kiwi home into wonders of technology and convenience.

While it may seem a cheaper option to try and automate your home yourself, there are many ways this could result in a very costly experience. Home automation is a complex process and, to avoid being frustrated and out of pocket, it’s important to hire a professional to do the job. Gary Ireland explains why in this post.

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What are the best solar panels for the tough Australian climate? – Bright Earth Electrical

Bright Earth Electrical

Bright Earth Electrical offer a range of different electrical services but what they’re mostly known for is solar panel installation. Through their efficient and sustainable solar power systems, Bright Earth Electrical are changing the way Australians power their homes.

Last month, HPE’s Gary Ireland wrote this blog post to answer the burning question about which is the best solar panel system to use in Australia. Taking into account the harsh climate, Gary explains why solar power systems must be robust to withstand Australia’s extreme conditions.

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That wraps up another month of great content for our clients here at HPE. We’ll continue to showcase the content highlights each month so stay tuned to see what we’ve been creating throughout April.

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