August was another busy month here at HPE as we created, published, promoted and optimised content. As always, our focus on accuracy and quality content has delivered great business results for our clients.

With each month comes new topics and quick turnaround of well-researched content. While we welcome input from our clients, they’re also very happy for us to create content from scratch.

All content brings new value to our clients’ websites and increases their visibility in search.

Here are the content highlights from August.

Solving the big issues facing marketing and procurement – TrinityP3


TrinityP3 provide marketing management solutions to organisations all over the world. Led by Darren Woolley, the team at TrinityP3 are known for their ability to think outside the square when it comes to offering unique marketing insights. TrinityP3 regularly shares their insights on the company’s blog page, allowing us to better understand the world of marketing.

Procurement was once solely dedicated to cutting costs but, these days, there is a need for procurement to take a more commercial role. Procurement’s focus is changing and is now helping marketers and businesses address some complex questions around cost, growth and value. TrinityP3’s Darren Woolley explains in this post.

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Work the plan and work with the people – Anecdote


In 2004, Shawn Callahan and Mark Schenk discovered the need to boost inspiration and engagement within organisations. From here they formed Anecdote and began teaching organisations how to embrace storytelling techniques. Their programmes Storytelling for Leaders and Storytelling for Sales are now globally recognised, transforming the way businesses all over the world operate.

We know workplace relationships are important but it’s not until we’re faced with a practical situation that we realise how true this is. In this podcast, Anecdote’s Shawn and Mark chat to Luke Brown to hear his story of project management and how changing his mantra from “plan the work, work the plan” to “plan the work, work with the people” made all the difference in his project’s success.

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Circular fashion: a new concept in sustainability – immago


Immago is a leading supplier of labels and packaging solutions in the apparel industry. Having been in business for over 50 years, immago has a global presence, with offices in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Vietnam and the US.

immago keeps a close eye on issues facing the fashion industry and one topic that is hot on everyone’s lips is fashion’s contribution to the sustainability crisis. In this post, HPE’s Gary Ireland discusses circular fashion; what it is, what it means for the fashion industry and how it will help to reduce fashion’s huge carbon footprint.

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Contingent Workforce Management Programs: Do They Mitigate Risk? – CXC Global

CXC Global

Contingent workers are considered pivotal parts of an organisation now that the gig economy has gained global traction. CXC Global was formed in 1992 after recognising the need for organisations to have more specific management when it came to their contingent workers. CXC Global is an extension of an organisation’s HR function, taking responsibility for the contingent workforce.

When it comes to taking on a contingent workforce, mitigating risk is a top priority. So how do we ensure we are doing our best to reduce risk and manage contingent workers effectively? The answer lies in a successful contingent workforce management program. Paul Chiswick from CXC Global explains why in this post.

Heat pumps regulate home temperatures during a change of season – Flocon


Flocon is the leading installer of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps in the Auckland region. Residential or commercial, Flocon stock a wide range of Mitsubishi Electric products and will advise what model is best for each client. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is what has made Flocon the reputable brand it is today.

As we transitioned from winter to spring, HPE’s Emily Bodman wrote this post to remind us why we didn’t have to put up with the fluctuating temperatures that come with a change of season. Spring is a particularly unpredictable season but, with a heat pump, you can keep temperatures comfortably regulated at home.

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Everything you need to know about the Keto diet – Olivado


When a chef, a legal brand and a marketing whiz came together in the early 2000s, they saw an opportunity to band together and create healthy, tasty cooking oils. It was here that Olivado was born. It didn’t take long for word of Olivado and their unique extraction method to spread globally. These days, Olivado oils are sold all over the world.

The Keto diet is the latest craze to take the world by storm with its promises of rapid weight loss and increased energy. But does the Keto diet live up to its claims? And, most of all, is it good for you? HPE’s Gary Ireland looks into the Keto diet to answer some burning questions for us.

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Discover the latest acne treatments in New Zealand – Vein & Skin Clinic

Vein and Skin Clinic

The Vein & Skin Clinic provides non-invasive appearance medicine to patients in the Wellington Region. Led by Dr Henryk Poczwa, the team at Vein & Skin Clinic are experts in the field of cosmetic procedures.

Vein & Skin Clinic offers an extensive range of services but acne treatments have always been popular and technology has come ahead in leaps and bounds in the past few years. HPE’s Gary Ireland looks into the latest acne treatments offered at Vein & Skin Clinic and how these are helping acne sufferers overcome this distressing phase in their life.

Are Zirconia implants safe and why do people prefer them? – SDAI


Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants (SDAI) are based in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and are one of the world’s leading implant centres. Doctors Dean and Melissa Licenblat lead a team of highly skilled professionals who work together to transform smiles with the best in dental treatments.

Zirconia implants are becoming an increasingly popular dental implant choice. Zirconia is now being favoured over titanium implants but there are still a few misconceptions about Zirconia that HPE’s Gary Ireland present the facts in this post. Are Zirconia implants better than titanium? Are they safe? Find out here.

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Commercial cleaning creates a healthy, happy workplace environment – Rapid Facility Services

Rapid Facility Services

Rapid Facility Services is made up of a team of highly trained experts in food safety cleaning, industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning and building maintenance. The team at Rapid Facility Services share the same values when it comes to meeting the needs of their clients. Their motto is “we do whatever others can’t or won’t do”, which is quickly making them a trusted name in the industry.

Through listening to their clients, Rapid Facility Services recognised the need for introducing commercial cleaning services. Now a trusted provider in this field, they are seeing first-hand the benefits of keeping a clean commercial environment. HPE’s Emily Bodman covers what these benefits are in this post.

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Ignite your passion for snow sports at Happy Valley – the perfect beginner ski area – The Park Hotel

The Park Hotel

In the heart of Tongariro National Park, The Park Hotel offers quality, comfortable accommodation within a stone’s throw of all that the region has to offer. Adventure seekers come to The Park Hotel all year round to take advantage of the huge range of outdoor activities in this unique part of New Zealand.

The winter season in Tongariro National Park is an exciting time of year as snow lovers venture to the area to hit the slopes of Mt Ruapehu. While there are plenty of places for advanced skiers to polish their skills, Mt Ruapehu’s famous Happy Valley ski field is also the perfect place for beginners. Find out more about Happy Valley ski field in this post by HPE’s Emily Bodman.

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The past, the present and the future hopes for our beloved holiday park – Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park


Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is a nestled on the shores of the stunning Ohiwa Harbour, offering unique and peaceful accommodation. With native bush to explore and the harbour and the beach at your doorstep, Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is the perfect location for a quintessential Kiwi getaway.

Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park has been run by the Morgan family since 1998. Now in the hands of Nola and Todd Morgan, Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park has evolved into a favourite holiday destination with all the bells and whistles. HPE’s Emily Bodman worked with Nola Morgan to produce this blog post. Find out how the park came to be and where they hope to go to from here.

10 essential questions to ask your wedding photographer – Markovina


Markovina Vineyard Estate is a premium wedding and functions venue in Kumeu, Auckland. The extensive grounds allow for a number of varied ceremonies and reception locations and the team of experts know how to make sure all their weddings and functions go off without a hitch.

Wedding photography is a competitive industry these days so how do you go about choosing the right one? It’s all in the questions you ask when you first meet potential wedding photographers. In this post, HPE’s Emily Bodman outlines the top 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer.

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That wraps up another month of content strategy highlights from the team at HPE.

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