It’s looking more and more like 2020 is going to be a great year for our clients. We know this because we are flat out producing content for them and they’re certainly giving us plenty to write about.

When it comes to content, quality is at the forefront of our minds. We create content that will not only boost our clients’ online profile but also build their reputations to set them apart from other companies in their industries.

As soon as we were all back from our short breaks over the Christmas period, we were straight back into the process of brainstorming, researching, creating, publishing and promoting content. We’ve been busy!

Here are our content strategy highlights for January.

Why getting the commercial relationship right between advertisers and agencies is critical – TrinityP3


TrinityP3 is a global marketing management consultancy led by CEO, Darren Woolley. Their innovative marketing solutions set them apart from the rest and they have proven time and time again that they have the skills to improve the marketing output of all companies who engage with them.

HPE’s Andrew Lucas worked with TrinityP3’s Darren Woolley to produce this post explaining the importance of the commercial relationship between advertisers and agencies. Darren has outlined some key areas of focus, giving us new perceptions of what makes a good advertiser/agency relationship.

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Developing the story habit – Anecdote


Anecdote has been boosting employee engagement through the use of storytelling since 2004. Founders, Shawn Callahan and Mark Schenk realised that there was a need to restore humanity in the workplace and, thus, introduced Storytelling for Leaders and Storytelling for Sales to inspire people to think of creative ways to achieve better business results.

In this post, Shawn Callahan explains how we can create a story habit and have it become a practical aspect of our lives. Shawn details the power of the habit and how this applies to business storytelling. This post gives clear detail about the benefits of using storytelling in business and how to make it an everyday occurrence.

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3 must-dos for effective contingent worker performance management – CXC Global

CXC Global

CXC Global acts as an extension of your HR function, working with your contingent workforce to ensure vetting, compliance and payroll are taken care of. Their effective management of contingent workers is recognised globally, allowing companies to reach their business goals with the help of quality contingent workforces.

When it comes to managing a contingent workforce, there is a lot to think about. Many companies who choose to do this in-house run into a number of issues, particularly around performance and measurement. In this post, CXC Global’s Darren Morris explains the three most important must-dos when it comes to managing your contingent workforce.

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What is regenerative agriculture and why should you care?

Ata Regenerative

Ata Regenerative are new clients of HPE and we are so excited to have them on board. Dr Hugh Jellie leads a team passionate about regenerative agriculture and has introduced strategies to holistically manage pasture health. Ata Regenerative are supporting New Zealand farmers in adopting Holistic Management and the methods are proving to be extremely effective.

So what is regenerative agriculture? The word ‘regenerative’ is simply about achieving healthy outcomes and, in Ata Regenerative’s case, this applies to living systems in farming. Dr Hugh Jellie has taken on ecologist Allan Savory’s methodology to improve pasture health which is not only great for agriculture but also for society as a whole.

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How the bushfires highlight the need to move away from fossil fuels – Bright Earth Solar

Bright Earth Solar

Bright Earth Solar are one of the leading solar panel installers in Australia. Their work is changing the way Australians power their homes and, with a focus on sustainability, the Bright Earth Solar team are using their expertise to encourage others to reduce their energy usage.

December and January were devastating months for several Australian states. As the bushfires swept through millions of hectares, it really made us think about the urgent action we need to take in reducing the use of fossil fuels. In this post, HPE’s Gary Ireland looks at the cause of the bushfires and what we can do to minimise the risk that they will happen again on such a large scale.

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What’s in store for your SEO in 2020? 9 SEO trends from the experts – High Profile Enterprises

High Profile Enterprises

High Profile Enterprises is a boutique digital marketing agency that uses SEO, content marketing and social media strategy to boost the online profile of a wide range of clients. Founders Mike Morgan and Midge Hand have developed clever, innovative ways to use the online world to achieve outstanding business results.

SEO is an ever-changing industry and trends are constantly evolving. At the beginning of each year, the HPE team look at the upcoming predictions for the year ahead to understand any new developments in the world of SEO. In this post, Mike Morgan looks at the 9 SEO trends and gives his expert view of each.

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How your company can aim for more sustainable business practices – immago


immago provide a range of label and packaging solutions to the apparel industry. This globally-recognised company has offices all over the world and, having been in the business for over 50 years, their portfolio is impressive. Immago are leaders in clothing labelling, barcodes and variable data, RFID anti-theft and product tracking solutions.

immago have a keen focus on sustainability and, in this post, HPE’s Gary Ireland discusses the ways in which all companies can strive for more sustainable practices. While immago work closely with the apparel industry, the ideas in this post apply to all companies and there are many valuable takeaways.

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Avocado for your skin – is it a good idea? Olivado


In the early 2000s, a chef, a legal brain and a marketing whiz came together to form what is now a leading brand in healthy cooking oils. Olivado’s global recognition came from their unique methods of extracting avocado oil, a method that has now been adopted by many other companies around the world.

The humble avocado is what originally made Olivado a success and, knowing its many amazing qualities, Olivado is passionate about the benefits of avocado. So, when it comes to skincare, are avocados the answer to all our complexion concerns? HPE’s Gary Ireland gives us the answer in this post.

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Why switching to a heat pump will help fight climate change – Flocon


Flocon Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors are a reputable name in heat pump installation. Operating since 2012, Flocon provide Auckland homes with clean, energy-efficient heating solutions, allowing them to do away with older heating methods that are both costly and harmful to the environment.

With climate change being such a hot topic these days, HPE’s Emily Bodman wrote this post to highlight the many ways in which switching to a heat pump is great for the environment. The energy efficiency of heat pumps is the biggest drawcard for having them installed. Conserving energy is hugely beneficial to combating the effects of climate change which is something we should all be striving for.

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The ultimate itinerary for the perfect holiday in Tongariro – The Park Hotel Ruapehu

The Park Hotel

Tongariro National Park is bustling with visitors all year round. Rain or shine, there is so much to do in the region that it helps to be as close to all the action as possible. You can’t beat The Park Hotel’s location. The quality accommodation and prime location make it the perfect choice of accommodation during your time in Tongariro National Park.

With so much to do in the area, it can be hard to plan a few days break in Tongariro National Park. For this reason, HPE’s Emily Bodman wrote this post to give a full three-day itinerary for the perfect holiday in Tongariro. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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Ohiwa Headland Sanctuary – protecting our precious birdlife – Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park

Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park

Nola and Todd Morgan have created unique holiday accommodation in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is a family-friendly holiday destination that offers both camping and self-contained accommodation. This well-maintained holiday park is a favourite to many and visitors come from far and wide all year round to experience the beauty of Ohiwa.

The residents of Ohiwa are passionate about the region and have been working together to improve the natural habitats of the local birdlife. Through the Ohiwa Headland Sanctuary Trust, the community have been able to eradicate pests and allow birds to nest in the area without risk of predators. Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park works closely with the Ohiwa Headland Sanctuary to bring pest numbers down. HPE’s Emily Bodman explains more in this post.

How we put great customer service at the core of what we do – Rapid Facility Services

Rapid Facility Services

Rapid Facility Services provides food safety cleaning, industrial cleaning and painting, bird proofing solutions, and building maintenance to industrial and commercial premises in the Auckland region. Through specialised divisions, Rapid Facility Services can offer a team of highly trained professionals on any job they’re called out to do.

Rapid’s focus has always been on the customer. Understanding the value of their clients, Rapid go over and above to ensure they provide the best possible services, ensuring they exceed customer standards. So how do they keep their customer-first approach in every area of the company? HPE’s Emily Bodman outlines how in this post.

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How to successfully plan your corporate events calendar for the year ahead – Markovina Vineyard Estate

Markovina Vineyard Estate is a family-owned functions and events venue in the beautiful location of Kumeu, Auckland. As a premium venue, Markovina offers an all-inclusive service for all functions, including weddings, social functions and corporate events. With a stunning food and beverage menu, in-house entertainment and a team of enthusiastic staff, Markovina is a popular and well-loved venue.

Frequent corporate events are key to year-round staff motivation and productivity. When feeling valued, staff are also more likely to display loyalty. In this post, HPE’s Emily Bodman explains how to plan your corporate events calendar for 2020 and why it’s so important to do this early in the year.

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Our clients are all so unique which makes them stand out within their industries. We are proud to work alongside them to build their online presence and help them navigate the ever-changing world of SEO.

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