In the ever-changing world of SEO, there’s no substitute for quality. In order to stay ahead of the game and rank well in Google, it is essential that all content is of a high standard.

Writing content for our client begins with research and ends with optimisation. Every step of the way, we keep quality at the forefront of our minds to ensure that what we produce for our clients is always our best work.

Unless our clients want us to cover something specific, they’re happy to leave the entire process up to us. Given that each of our clients are so unique, we always have plenty to write about.

Thanks to our amazing clients, we had a wide range of topics to cover in July. Here are some highlights.

Discover how to redefine marketing – TrinityP3


Darren Woolley and his team at TrinityP3 provide marketing management solutions to organisations all over the world. The team at TrinityP3 are known for their ability to think outside the square and offer unique marketing insights. Lucky for us, members of TrinityP3 often shares these insights by way of regular content on the company’s blog page.

Last month, TrinityP3 senior consultant, Anton Buchner, wrote this post to explain the many ways marketing has evolved. While data-driven strategies and AI solutions have transformed the world of marketing, the discipline itself is alive and kicking. It’s our job to adapt.

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Navigating like clockwork – Anecdote


Anecdote was founded by Shawn Callahan and Mark Schenk in 2004 when the pair noticed the lack of inspiration and engagement within organisations. Their programmes Storytelling for Leaders and Storytelling for Sales quickly gained global traction and continue to be adopted by more and more organisations around the world.

Last month, Anecdote released another episode in their podcast, Anecdotally Speaking. In this episode, Mark tells the story of Dava Sobel and his attempts to calculate longitude – the greatest scientific challenge of his time. This story shows that, with an open mind, you can open your world up to all sorts of possibilities.

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No matter where the apparel industry takes you, we will follow – immago


For over 50 years, immago has been supplying label and packaging solutions to the apparel industry. Now a trusted name in the industry, immago is a globally-recognised brand, with offices in NZ, Australia, Fiji, Vietnam and the US.

In this post, Gary Ireland worked with immago’s David Marshall to discuss the ever-evolving apparel industry and immago’s commitment to evolving alongside it. It seems that now more than ever, the apparel industry is unpredictable. But, no matter what happens, immago will stay ahead of the game, offering up-to-date solutions whenever you need them.

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3 Factors to Improve and Measure Contingent Workforce Quality – CXC Global

CXC Global

CXC Global was established in 1992 when workforce dynamics began to rapidly change and contingent workers became a pivotal part of organisational growth. CXC Global acts as an extension of your HR function, taking complete responsibility for your contingent workforce. By managing visibility, cost and control, CXC Global can improve the performance of your organisation.

In this post, Paul Chiswick, Corporate Solutions Director at CXC Global explains the term Contingent Workforce Quality and why it is so critical in organisations with a sector for contingent workers. Paul offers three ways to improve and measure your contingent workforce quality.

A simple guide to choosing a heat pump for your home – Flocon


The team at Flocon are experienced installers of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps in residential and commercial properties throughout the Auckland region. Always putting their customers first, Flocon is a reputable company who strive for customer satisfaction. For everything associated with heat pumps and air conditioning, Flocon is the team for the job.

With so many heat pump designs and models now available, it can be difficult to choose the right heat pump for your space. HPE’s Emily Bodman wrote this post to give you some guidance when choosing a heat pump and help make the decision a little easier.

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Why the world has adopted the avocado oil NZ method – Olivado


The Olivado brand was born in the early 2000s when a chef, a legal brain and a marketing whiz came together to begin their journey of manufacturing healthy, tasty cooking oils. From humble beginnings to a globally-recognised brand, Olivado is taking the world by storm.

It’s Olivado’s unique extraction method that set them apart in the first place. While other brands typically extract oil from the seed of the fruit, Olivado extracts it straight from the pulp itself. This not only means it is more flavoursome, but it also means the oil is much healthier. In this post, HPE’s Gary Ireland talks about how Olivado’s cold-pressed method and how it has become an industry standard.

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Laser hair removal in Wellington from the experts – Vein and Skin Clinic

Vein and Skin Clinic

Dr Henryk Poczwa leads a team of highly trained medical professionals at Vein and Skin Clinic, providing non-invasive appearance medicine to patients in the Wellington region. From varicose vein removal to liposuction, Vein and Skin Clinic offer an extensive range of services.

Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular and with technological advancements, this treatment is quick, painless and more effective than ever. In this post, HPE’s Gary Ireland gives us the lowdown on laser hair removal and how, with this treatment, we can say goodbye to stubborn hair growth for good.

Meet the new upgrade for your Control4 smart home system – Designer AV

Designer AV

Technology is becoming an increasingly popular feature in homes and Designer AV is a trusted installer of smart home solutions. Derek Crane leads a team of tech experts, transforming homes across the Auckland region.

Technology is a fast-paced industry and to keep up, we must be willing to adapt. Fortunately, companies like Control4 make it easy for us to do so. Control4 is the preferred setup for Designer AV because of its ease of use and seamless upgrades. Control4’s OS 3 is now available and Gary Ireland tells us why it’s the perfect time to upgrade your Control4 Smart Home System.

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Solar panels, inverters and battery storage – the 3 things you need for the perfect home solar system – Bright Earth Solar

Bright Earth Solar

Bright Earth Solar is one of the leading installers of solar panels on residential and commercial properties in South Australia. The highly-qualified team led by Dean Woolley have the skills and experience to handle any job, big or small.

When it comes to home solar systems, there are many different brands to choose from. However, not all brands are created equal and there are certain factors to look for in the perfect home solar system. In this post, HPE’s Gary Ireland tells us what these factors are and how Bright Earth Solar will install the perfect system for your home.

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Why dental holidays aren’t worth the risk and pitfalls can occur – SDAI


The team at SDAI have been transforming smiles since 2011. Based in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Doctors Dean and Melissa Licenblat lead a team of medical professionals renowned for their awards and accolades. SDAI has been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading implant centres.

Seeking cheap dental treatments abroad is becoming increasingly popular. With a holiday and high-end dental treatments all in one, it seems like an offer too good to refuse. However, as more and more people take ‘dental holidays’ many risks have begun to rear their ugly heads. Is it worth it? HPE’s Gary Ireland outlines the risks and tells us why it might be best to re-think those plans for a dental holiday.

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Effective moss and mould treatments reduce risk of building degradation – Rapid Facility Services

Rapid Facility Services

For experts in food safety cleaning, industrial cleaning and building maintenance, you can’t go past Rapid Facility Services. This highly qualified team offers an extensive range of services and has quickly become a trusted company in the industry. Rapid’s philosophy is to do whatever others can’t or won’t do. You know your commercial or industrial premises are in safe hands with this very experienced team.

One of Rapid’s many services is to treat buildings for moss and mould. As a health risk to occupants, moss and mould should be regularly removed to avoid harmful spores entering the air we breathe. However, the harmful effects of moss and mould don’t stop there. It’s also extremely detrimental to your building materials. In this post, HPE’s Emily Bodman discusses the effects of moss and mould and how Rapid Facility Services can ensure all traces are swiftly removed.

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5 exciting alternatives for when a Mt Ruapehu closure strikes – The Park Hotel Ruapehu

The Park Hotel

The Park Hotel Ruapehu is located in the heart of Tongariro National Park. Providing quality, comfortable accommodation, The Park Hotel Ruapehu is the perfect place to stay for those seeking adventure in the area. All year round, Tongariro National Park is abundant in outdoor activities. Staying at The Park Hotel allows you to make the most of it all.

As it is currently the ski season, thousands are flocking to Tongariro National Park to hit the slopes. But, every now and then, weather conditions on the mountain are too treacherous, forcing snow goers to take the day off. In this post, HPE’s Emily Bodman tells us why, with these 5 alternatives, a Mt Ruapehu closure isn’t such a bad thing. After all, Tongariro National Park is an outdoor adventurer’s dream!

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Ohiwa accommodation options for all travel styles and budgets – Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park

Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park

Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park offers family-friendly accommodation on the shores of Ohiwa Harbour in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Run by the Morgan family since 1988, this family-owned business is the product of hard work and a passion for the area. Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park has become a popular destination for groups, families and solo travellers who want to explore this stunning area.

The beauty of Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is that it has a wide range of accommodation options. From campsites to self-contained studios, this isn’t your ordinary holiday park. HPE’s Emily Bodman takes us through the various choices of accommodation, detailing how Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park truly has something for everyone.

3 reasons why small business should invest in content marketing – High Profile Enterprises


HPE began in 2010 when Midge Hand and Mike Morgan plunged into the world of online marketing. With a small team of remote workers, HPE has helped a large number of businesses achieve outstanding business growth using the multi-faceted world of SEO.

As well as writing regular content for our clients, we also frequently post to our own blog. We feel there are so many topics to cover in our industry and we like to impart knowledge wherever possible. Last month, HPE’s Gary Ireland wrote this post particularly aimed at small businesses who may be debating whether or not to invest in content marketing. Here are three reasons why they should.

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