We’re already halfway through 2019 and while it may feel like the year is flying by, we’ve still got a lot of quality content yet to come.

June was full of exciting times for our clients, with innovative business ideas coming in left, right and centre. We were there to cover all the hot topics for each client. The HPE team were flat out creating, publishing, promoting and optimising a wide variety of content, enhancing the value of our clients’ websites.

We have selected the content strategy highlights for June. Take a look.

Is online shopping killing retail stores? – immago


immago is a leading supplier of apparel labelling and packaging. Their innovative solutions improve brand imagery, enhance data accuracy and reduce the risk of product theft for their clients. From humble beginnings in Auckland, immago now have offices all over the world, always providing powerful and flexible labelling options.

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, especially now that we can shop anywhere, anytime through our smartphones. Quick delivery, lower prices, wide selection – is this the end of the brick and mortar store? HPE’s Gary Ireland gives us the trends and the facts to answer this question.

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Solving complex in-house agency issues – three case studies – Trinity P3


TrinityP3 have a leading-edge approach to marketing that has seen them become a global marketing consultancy with a wide geographical footprint. With offices in Sydney, Singapore, New York and London, TrinityP3 work alongside a global network of industry professionals to provide innovative marketing solutions.

In the past few years, TrinityP3 has worked with a number of clients to assess the relationships with their in-house agencies. When an issue arises with an in-house agency, the complexity can make it difficult to resolve. In this post, HPE’s Gary Ireland worked with TrinityP3’s Darren Woolley to cover three different case studies surrounding issues with in-house agencies and what TrinityP3 did to get the relationship back on track.

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A strategy story does more than communicate your story – Anecdote

Mark Schenk and Shawn Callahan have been inspiring, engaging and influencing organisations through business storytelling since 2004. Now with global recognition, Anecdote has a network of over 50 partners in 26 countries. Their Storytelling for Leaders and Storytelling for Business programs have now been translated into 11 different languages. These are also recognised as a global resource for developing leadership and sales skills.

If you’re questioning the importance of strategy stories, take a look at this case study from the Transport Accident Commision (TAC). What begins as a new CEO communicating a strategy becomes a story of engaging with staff and aligning visions. HPE’s Gary Ireland worked with Anecdote’s Shawn Callahan to bring you this blog post.

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Recent studies prove that processed foods make you fat – Olivado


In the early 2000s, Olivado began perfecting the process of extracting oil from the pulp of organic, fair trade avocados. Now with a range of healthy, delicious cooking oils, Olivado products are sold all over the world, with processing plants in both New Zealand and Kenya.

We’ve suspected it for years but recent studies have made it official; processed foods are making us fat. The study published Cell Metabolism goes into detail about their findings from clinical trials. In this post, HPE’s Gary Ireland discusses processed foods – what they are, what they do to our body and how we can do better with our diet.

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Why Q Cells solar panels are the best on the market – Bright Earth Solar

Bright Earth Solar

Bright Earth Solar is the leading supplier of solar panel solutions in Adelaide. Their range of exceptional solar products is transforming the way Australians power their homes. Save money while saving the planet – what more could you want?

When it comes to solar panels, no two companies are created equal and Q Cells solar panels are some of the best in the world for a number of reasons. From their exclusive advanced technology to their incredible value for money, Q Cells is what you’ll want to be learning about if you’re looking at having solar panels installed. HPE’s Gary Ireland explains in detail in this post.

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Kids will love the variety of school holiday entertainment in Whakatane – Edge Realty

Edge Realty

Edge Realty offer expert real estate services to the Whakatane region. Whether you’re buying, selling or renting a commercial or residential property, Edge Realty is a committed team of experienced agents who ensure their clients reach their desired outcomes.

June saw the return of the term holidays for school kids across the country so, to make it easier for the mums and dads of Whakatane, HPE’s Emily Bodman wrote this post to give some great ideas for school holiday fun. From adventurous to educational, these fun ideas will keep the kids busy all holidays.

Improve your home’s air quality and protect your family from illness this winter – Flocon


Since 2012, Flocon has provided excellent customer service and premium heat pump installation to the Auckland region. Flocon’s customer-first approach has seen them become well-respected experts in all things heat pumps and air conditioning. Offering only the best, Flocon associate exclusively with Mitsubishi Electric.

With winter well and truly upon us, keeping healthy will be a top priority for all of us. While many of us will be busy popping supplements, your home’s air quality plays an even bigger role in keeping winter ills and chills at bay. HPE’s Emily Bodman explains why this is in this post.

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Get inspired by these creative wedding cake ideas – Markovina Vineyard Estate

Markovina Vineyard Estate

Markovina Vineyard Estate is a unique venue located in Kumeu, Auckland specialising in weddings and corporate functions. Spacious yet intimate, Markovina Vineyard Estate is an ideal location for groups both large and small. The team at Markovina Vineyard Estate offer everything from food to entertainment, making it easy to organise an event with them.

Wedding cake creativity is limitless these days and the team at Markovina Vineyard Estate have seen it all. In this post, Emily Bodman goes through some of the best wedding cakes that have come through Markovina, with images of each cake to give you creative inspiration.

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Spend the school holidays in Ohiwa for quality family time – Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park

Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park

Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is located on the shores of Ohiwa Harbour, also known as the jewel of the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Year-round, Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is a favourite holiday destination and owners, Nola and Todd, are always thinking of new ways to provide more to their treasured guests.

The school holidays are the perfect opportunity to unwind as a family and there’s no better place to do this than at Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park. The serenity of the location and the large range of outdoor activities means it’s an ideal place for quality family time. HPE’s Emily Bodman explains it all in this post.

Get ready for these epic Whakapapa events this ski season – The Park Hotel

The Park Hotel

Tongariro National Park is an outdoor adventurer’s dream and The Park Hotel is located right in the heart of all of it. Their quality accommodation, on-site restaurant and bar, and outdoor hot tubs are perfect to come back to after an adventurous day of exploring this unique part of New Zealand.

Winter is an exciting time for the team at The Park Hotel. The snow is thick, the ski fields are buzzing and Whakapapa is gearing up for a season of great events. HPE’s Emily Bodman highlights the Whakapapa events on the horizon for the 2019 ski season.

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Missing teeth? Dental implants are the answer! – SDAI


Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants (SDAI) are known for their exceptional services in advanced dental surgery. As leaders in dental implants, SDAI has the technology and expertise to restore and refine natural, beautiful smiles.

Around 15% of Australians have severe tooth loss. This is some of the worst in the world. Fortunately, missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants, a procedure that the team at SDAI specialise in. Missing teeth not only affect your appearance, but they can also cause a range of health issues. HPE’s Gary Ireland explains why in this post.

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Appearance medicine is not just for women! – Vein and Skin Clinic

Vein and Skin

The team at Vein and Skin Clinic are experts in an extensive range of cosmetic treatments and varicose vein removal. Servicing the greater Wellington region, Vein and Skin Clinic use the latest technology to provide safe and non-invasive treatments for a variety of appearance concerns.

It’s a common misconception that only women can benefit from appearance medicine. More and more men are boosting their confidence with subtle, non-invasive cosmetic procedures. HPE’s Gary Ireland gives us a rundown of a selection of procedures that are becoming increasingly popular among men.

Room by room – how a smart home can change your life – Designer AV

Designer AV

Home automation is becoming increasingly popular with many users wondering how they ever lived without it. Designer AV are leading smart home specialists, providing total home control and superior home entertainment. Led by Derek Crane, Designer AV are one of only three Platinum Control4 dealers out of 95 in New Zealand.

More and more homes are being built with home automation in mind, especially now that technology is becoming more affordable and accessible. So what can a smart home do for you? HPE’s Gary Ireland takes us through the benefits of a smart home room by room.

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Avoid bird infestation with humane bird proofing solutions – Rapid Facility Services

Rapid Facility Services

If you are looking for experts in industrial cleaning, food safety cleaning and building maintenance, you can’t go past Rapid Facility Services. Rapid’s motto is “we will do whatever others say they can’t or won’t do” so there is no job too big or too small for these guys. With a highly trained and experienced team, Rapid Facility Services are right for the job every time.

Last month, HPE’s Emily Bodman wrote a post detailing the various bird proofing techniques that Rapid Facility Services provide. While it may not be the first thing you think of when protecting your commercial property, once you read this post, you’ll learn that bird proofing is vital for the longevity of your building materials.

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