The Wrap is back for another edition and what a treat we have for you! The big talking point this time round is Google’s new Penguin update. Penguin 4.0 was released at the end of September and it looks like the shape of things to come! Read on to find out how and why it affects you.

In our content marketing round-up, read 6 pieces of advice from Pixar on what it takes to be as good as… well, Pixar. We also have a bit of fun with some cartoons only content marketers will understand, and then we finish off in our social media section with how to set up a calendar for your social media posts. Enjoy!


Google’s new Penguin Algorithm explained

Penguin 4.0 is out, but what difference does it make to you and yours? The Penguin algorithm was specifically designed to fight spam, so is it working? And what changes have Google made to this version? This awesome 10 minute video will explain everything!

Become a Google Analytics ninja

The team at Google has decided to make a real-world dataset available for purchase. This means you can look at the analytics and learn how to cut through all the technical jargon and get to what interests you and your business.

Content Marketing

Pixar explains what it takes to be the best

Pixar just can’t seem to put a foot wrong, and once you look into their creative process, it’s not hard to see why. Here you’ll find 6 nuggets of advice from the company that designers and markets can both learn from.

Cast the net wider and bring in more visitors

Anna Crowe at Search Engine Journal increased her pageviews by 34% with this technique. Here she goes through the process of how she did it and shows you the steps to do it too.

Underperforming content? Find it and fix it.

Around 60% of marketers reported “blog content creation” as one of their top priorities, but with millions of blogs published every day, how do you make yours work? Learn how to identify, reposition, and optimize underperforming content to help your business to start generating more views and leads.

3 ways to extend the life of your content

Julie Gauthier of Content Marketing Institute shows us three techniques to extend top-performing content’s life from 18 minutes to forever.

All things being equal, content that generates results over a long period will win over content with a shorter life span.

Social media

How to track the return on social media traffic

Want to make more sense out of your social media marketing results? Discover how to connect a dollar value to your social media marketing efforts.

You can connect dollars to micro-conversions with a few standard Google Analytics reports; no fancy calculations required.

7 Helpful Hacks for More Successful Social Media Community Management

90% of marketers say that social media is important to their business. Here you’ll find 7 helpful ideas and tools for making your social media management efforts more successful, including some bonus material.

Well that’s the round up for this edition of The Wrap. We hope you found some useful content here and a few tips and tricks to try on your own sites. If any of them work then be sure to let us know!