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Each month we gather a selection of content from our clients to show you. Each piece of content is unique, high quality and independently crafted for many purposes.

One of those purposes is targeted SEO. 

Our first post in our content highlights is from TrinityP3 and has been an excellent collaborative piece. Read on to learn more.

Agency Selection: The pitch consultant’s definitive guide for 2021 – TrinityP3

TrinityP3 is a leading global marketing management consultancy with an international network of industry professionals, consulting at the leading edge of decision-making in the marketing and advertising industry.

The High Profile Enterprises team has enjoyed the opportunity to design the SEO strategy for an epic piece of content like this one. 

This post is around 10,000 words, explains everything that you need to know about agency selection, and is written by a world authority on this topic. Every aspect is optimised and keyword research, competitive analysis, content structure, link strategy, and promotion are all part of the overall project. Watch this post rise to the top of targeted search results in the coming months. Read the article here.


Why Holistic Planned Grazing (Adaptive Multi-paddock Grazing) is the future of farming – Ata Regenerative

Ata Regenerative is a New Zealand company focusing on regenerative farming based on holistic values and systems. Regenerative is about a way of being or behavior. With their partnerships with Savory Institute and nRhythm they can deliver practical solutionsimplementation, training, and education for a wide range of agricultural, commercial, and governmental applications.

Regenerative farming is the key to bringing life back to our soil on farms around the world. It is a system of farming principles and practices that seeks to restore and enhance the entire ecosystem of a farm instead of simply working it to the maximum yield. Nothing exists in a bubble, and the foundation of regenerative farming is that everything in the environment is interrelated and co-dependent. Find out more here.

The significant effects Covid has had throughout the garment industry – immago

immago is a global company with a wide range of services in the fashion and apparel industry. They value open communication, and carefully manage each aspect of your project, from design to delivery. immago’s e-business solution, LabelNet®, lets you view your label and packaging portfolio and place orders online. 

Every stage of the production line has felt the effects of the pandemic, from the third-world factories that produce the garments to the high-end retail stores of New York that sell them. Read more about the specific challenges to the fashion industry here.

Sustainable Gastronomy Day and our commitment to the environment – Olivado

Olivado is a team of hand-picked experts that create the best in cooking oils for home and professional use. The team at Olivado works around the clock to bring the very best cooking oils into kitchens around the world.

First sanctioned by the United Nations in 2017, Sustainable Gastronomy Day acknowledges that food is a powerful cultural expression, deeply connected with the three dimensions of Sustainable Development; people, planet, and profit. Find out more about it here.

Cohesity- Spectrum

Spectrum delivers radically simplified data management. Easily protect, manage, and derive value from data. This can be delivered as a service, platform, or self-managed on a consumption basis that scales with your needs. 

Spectrum offers a simplified data protection service that spans data centres, the edge, and cloud and delivers rapid, predictable recovery plus robust ransomware prevention, detection, and recovery – all in a modern solution. Find out more here.

Tesla once again investing in South Australia renewable energy – Bright Earth Solar

No matter what your unique situation, the team at Bright Earth Solar can find a way to customise a package suitable for you, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthier home or commercial premises. Bright Earth Solar is South Australia’s leading solar experts, they install, service, and have a range of products to help save customers money.

Switching to an Electric Vehicle dramatically cuts down your carbon footprint makes you less dependent on oil companies, and saves you thousands in the long term.

Pioneering electric cars, space flights, and solar technology amongst other things, Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. In July 2017, Elon Musk announced plans to build the world’s largest lithium-ion battery right here in South Australia. Read more about this here.

Wildfire Smoke – Aeroqual

Since 2001, Aeroqual has been developing integrated air quality monitoring systems, underpinned by industry-leading sensor technology. Through deep two-way integration of hardware and software, Aeroqual’s products deliver functionality unmatched by simple data acquisition and reporting software.

Make better decisions to protect the health and safety of your workers by collecting hyper-local data that is relevant to your location by using Aeroqual’s real-time wildfire smoke tracker. Find out more about it here.

Top 5 tips for improving health and safety in your warehouse – Pallet Racking Solutions

Pallet Racking Solutions are a proudly New Zealand-owned and operated company providing complete storage solutions for businesses nationwide. They offer storage advice, quality products, service, and installation of a range of storage solutions.

Improving health and safety is a continuous pursuit to ensure your workers, clients, visitors, and products are safe in a dangerous work environment such as a warehouse. A warehouse is only as good as its shelving, and when it comes to health and safety, old, badly constructed, or the wrong type of shelving can be deadly. Find out more here.

Five Botox myths you should know about to get a better result – Dr. Sarah Hart

Everyone deserves beautiful, healthy skin, and these days with new cosmetic medicine treatments, you don’t need surgery to get it. Dr. Sarah Hart is an experienced cosmetic doctor based in Auckland. She offers expert advice and treatments to help you feel good in your skin.

This post covers 5 myths about Botox that you should know. Botox is an art and a few millimetres difference in injection location can make a big difference to your result. Learn more about it here.

Three reasons investment fund managers use Hedgebook – Hedgebook

Hedgebook is a global company that offers tools and services to help clients manage FX risk and make better hedging decisions. Hedgebook digitises client engagement, enhances the user experience, and streamlines collaboration efforts, using powerful capabilities and visual dashboards and reports to quickly surface actionable insights, unlock new opportunities, and unleash client value.

There are three key ways Hedgebook makes life easier for investment fund managers or the equivalent finance function within a hedge fund, private equity, or VC firm. These points also apply if you are investing across different geographies and have exposure to international investments. Find out more here.

Workplace hazards – why repairs and maintenance are important – Rapid Facility Services

Rapid is a professional team that delivers the best in commercial and industrial services throughout New Zealand. They do everything from specialty cleaning to maintenance in industrial and commercial spaces.

A strong commitment to health and safety should be at the core of any business to avoid workplace hazards or at least minimise them. There are many different types of workplace hazards. But there are many ways you can keep on top of them and avoid them by ensuring you have a good program in place for checking a few basic things to eliminate hazards as much as possible. Find out more here.

An Introduction to Your Employment Rights – New Kiwis

New Kiwis offer information, advice, training, and help to people that have moved to New Zealand. It is a free employment service to migrant job seekers and New Zealand employers. The service is provided by Auckland Business Chamber and Immigration New Zealand.

This comprehensive guide covers a wide range of employment rights and laws in New Zealand. Everything from types of contracts, contracts, workers, and more.

Trust Horizon funding brings new energy wellbeing initiative to over 300 Eastern Bay homes in need – Trust Horizon

Trust Horizon is a community-based organisation in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Trust Horizon is made up of a skilled and passionate group of representatives from across the Eastern Bay. They strive to drive the Eastern Bay forward, and champion new ideas, opportunities, and social innovation.

As part of the new programme, homes that are struggling will receive a visit to determine their health and energy performance. Sustainability Options will then create a plan involving further energy education, and implementation of improvements and repairs. The programme also plans to measure the homes’ ongoing energy use, track improvements and identify successes. Find out more here.

FAQs about Quick2Seal high-performance protective coating – Cohe Group

Cohe Group is a New Zealand-based supplier of innovative products that are environmentally friendly and suitable for DIYers and professional applications. Using state of the art technology Cohe products have been developed to be the best, most cost-effective products for customers. Cohe offers full technical support from the design stage through to project completion.

Quick2Seal is a high-performance protective coating for commercial applications. It is ideal for a large range of applications or projects including decks, roofs, planter boxes, pipe linings, walls, and gutters. If you have a waterproofing project in mind check out the list of some FAQs here.

Stack of navy blue woolen knitted blankets on white table, warm plaids decorated yellow maple leaves, interior cozy concept, long banner

Feeling the cold? FAQs how to keep your home warm this winter – Flocon

The Flocon team are experts in heating and cooling systems for residential or commercial spaces. Based in Auckland they cover the region and not only install heating systems but offer a range of services such as maintenance and repair work for heat pumps and more.

Heating your home correctly or keeping the heat in can be a problem for many of us. Even more, so is keeping your heating costs down. This post is a list of some frequently asked questions that Flocon has answered to help you keep warm this winter. Read more here.

What does E.A.T. in SEO mean and why is it important – High Profile Enterprises

What do we do at HPE? A lot. We offer a varied range of professional services over a broad range of areas. 

This post is about how E.A.T affects the way Google views and positions your website in search results. And whether your targeted audience trusts your products and services or not. Want to find out more about what E.A.T is? Click here.

Thanks as always to our clients for another month of content, SEO, and more. And, thanks to you for reading.

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