Promoting a blog (or website) has become increasingly complex.

It is now not particularly useful to simply hit the publish button and expect the world to embrace your creative genius.

To promote your business blog effectively you need to understand a large range of disciplines from SEO to Social Media, from User Experience to Conversion Rate Optimisation, from Email Marketing to Content Promotion, from Open Graph Tags to Authorship…

And much more.

ROI on content marketing and blogging strategy

I recently created a post for a client site which described our comprehensive content strategy and which demonstrated the relationship between growth in website visitors and growth in revenue.

In other words it dispelled the myth that digital marketing ROI is impossible to measure.

So, you can measure ROI but the road to increased revenue is often a long and intensive process.

Missteps along the way can lead to a slowing down or even a reversal of progress so you need to understand the common mistakes in Content Marketing in order to avoid some of the many pitfalls.

In the end it all comes down to a bit of effort to learn how content works online – what is necessary and what can be downright risky

As a business this is extremely important on a number of levels.

Avoiding the online marketing services cowboys

How can you possibly make a judgement about whether a particular supplier really understands the area they consult on without first having a reasonable understanding yourself?

It is very easy for agencies or consultants to simply baffle with technical jargon and buzzwords.

Are they offering case studies? Are they prepared to give contact details for a number of other clients? How do their own online efforts look? (and don’t accept any excuses about being too busy looking after their clients to have a decent website/social media presence/company search engine presence…)

OK, on with the 120 strategies Infographic.

The Infographic that is a part of this post was initially brought to my attention via a friendly outreach email from the creator – a digital marketing agency in The Philippines. I have to admit that I ignore a very large percentage of outreach emails – mainly because they have not bothered to check out our site first (despite saying they like the site) or because they are offering us SEO services ( to a company that specialises in SEO strategy) – you know the ones:

 I will provide customized website promotion solutions specifically tailored to every customer’s needs. I provide full-service of modern techniques and will follow the Panda, Penguin and Zebra update by Google geared towards increasing potential traffic and visibility of your website.

This one really cracked me up – this guy is offering SEO solutions that are friendly to Google’s Panda, Penguin and Zebra updates…

Shame that there is no such thing as the Zebra update. The Zebra Update was discussed (tongue in cheek) on some SEO blogs earlier in 2013 and several people started referring to a potential upcoming Google update against lower quality ecommerce sites as the Zebra (another black and white animal… geddit?)

Anyway I digress.

Don’t be freaked out by the fact that there are 120 strategies here.

You do not have to use them all!!

In fact there are a few that I wouldn’t waste my time with.

But it is a good overview of some of the strategies both paid and free that your business can use to increase the visibility of your content.

If you are like me and you are  a bit of a spelling and grammar obsessive then some of the errors will bug you a bit but the information in the Infographic is pretty good.

Be warned though – this is a mother of an infographic – one of the longest I’ve seen!

UPDATE 2023: this infographic has now been deleted.

The main problem with giving 120 strategies is that there is not enough room to explain what each one involves.

What I suggest you do is to identify a small number of tactics you are not currently using and research these further to work out how you can integrate these into your marketing strategy. Choose ones that appeal to you – you will do a whole lot better if you are interested in what you are doing.

One last benefit of this graphic – at the end there is a series of references. I have removed all the deleted sites (there were a few of them) 2023.

These are all very high quality inbound/web marketing sites












All faves of ours.

Take a bit of time to check them all out. Well worth putting aside a bit of time every day to get to know these sites and the people who write for them.