Welcome to our first edition of ‘The Wrap’ (formerly called ‘The Weekend Wrap’).

‘The Wrap’ is a series of the very best and most recent posts on inbound marketing from around the globe, collected to provide you with the  most relevant and up to date information for your business.

In this edition of the ‘The Wrap’, the hot topic of conversation is the new Google mobile search algorithm launched on 21st April 2015. Referred to by many as “mobilegeddon”, several posts in the SEO section below share the impacts and recommendations for website compliance.

The content marketing section includes posts about content marketing strategy, next-level marketing and writing copy for your blog. Google+, Twitter, social media tools and more are the recent topics of discussion in the ‘Social Media’ section.

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SEO /Search Engine Optimisation

How to Adapt Your Content Strategy in Time for Mobilegeddon

On Thursday, February 26th, 2015 Google announced that it would be changing it’s mobile search algorithm. Barry Schwartz covered the announcement on Search Engine Land and not long after the term “mobilegeddon” had been coined.

The Advanced SEO’s Guide To Mobilegeddon

Columnist Bryson Meunie points out that a startling 40% of websites are not mobile-friendly and that Google has changed it’s mobile search algorithm to create a better experience for you, the user. Here, Bryson provides 3 tips to help you get ahead of the next Google update.

How to Keep your Site Fast for Mobile-Friendly

Cindy Krum recently published a must-read primer on the upcoming Mobile-Friendly changes which I highly recommend checking out before proceeding. Got it? Good. With the mad rush to optimize mobile sites prior to April 21st, it can be very easy to sacrifice performance in the process.

Google’s Truth Algorithm: 5 Facts You Should Know

Can Google identify truth? In this post, Roger Monti discusses the Knowledge-Based Trust, a Google research paper about assigning a Trust Score to web documents based on the accuracy of facts. Referred to as the Truth Algorithm, Roger reviews five issues that need to be overcome and talks to the experts to get their take on it.

How Google Judges Quality and What You Should Do About It

Every content marketing professional has something to say about “quality.” The word has become so used – or overused – that we’ve forgotten what it is, or even why it’s important. I think we need to press the reset button on the quality discussion. Why?

16 Actionable SEO Copywriting Secrets That Will Drive More Traffic To Your Site

Brian Dean talks about combining your SEO and copywriting skills to make you unstoppable. Here, Brian shares SEO copywriting techniques that you can use right now and that will make you feel like you have SEO superpowers.

Content marketing

50 Must-Read Marketing Blogs

You’ve seen a lot of lists like this one. Or have you? The problem with lists like this is that they’re repetitive – which means you don’t learn anything new. But we think this post will change that. We set out to find 50 great marketing blogs – some you may have heard of but others that you probably haven’t. There is gold in this list.

Next-Level Content: 35+ Research Tools and Startegies to Push Your Ideas Further

Sometimes when you get a good content idea, you can feel it. You just know that it’s fully formed, ready to be executed, and sure to be a hit. Other times, the idea isn’t quite so clear. Maybe it’s only a partial idea, or you’re not quite sure what actually creating it would look like.

Social Media

Hard Numbers for Public Posting Activity on Google Plus

The debate on the activity level on Google+ has raged for years. How many users are really active on it? Is the place a ghost town? Why hasn’t Google shut it down already? Well, I decided to put it to the test, so I did a hardcore analysis of 516,246 randomly selected Google+ profiles, and this post has the scoop for you.

Social Media Tools That Help Optimize Your Time

Do you struggle to keep up with social media tasks? Are you looking for ways to get more done? Whether you need help maintaining your social accounts, finding content to curate or monitoring competitors, there are ways to simplify these processes.

Social Media Contests with Real ROI

Here, Sarah Pike shares her views on the increasing popularity of social media contests and how they can be an effective way for your company to make tangible connections with your customers.

33 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2015

Social media is starting to take off its short pants. It’s becoming all grown up. In fact, Facebook is now over 11 years old and heading towards platform puberty and is still the standout leader of the pack. Google with its Google+ platform (with a development cost of over half a billion dollars) tried to take Mark Zuckerberg on, but it has become an incidental social network that isn’t taken seriously by many marketers.

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