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In today’s installment of ‘The Wrap’, there are plenty of worthwhile goodies to munch on including effective blogging and writing quality content even when you think you suck at it.

You will learn how to get your content marketing on track with the smallest of budgets, how to find great blog topics, and how to get people to share the written content you have spent so much time and effort on.

There are also some great techniques and tips on SEO and CRO, and you will learn more about social media marketing trends and the tools that will help you in your business.

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Content Marketing

How to produce great content (even if you’re a terrible writer)

If you think you suck at writing and you hate the thought of sitting down and writing for your business blog, Sujan Patel shares some top-notch tips on how to create great content even if you think you’re a terrible writer.

17 Content Marketing tips for any size budget

If your content marketing budget is limited, Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy for NewsCred, shares some valuable and very useful tips in his post on how to effectively produce the right content for your audience with any size budget and for any size business.

Social shares and inbound links: Insights from new correlation data

In this post, Steve Rayson reveals some key insights into the correlation between social shares and inbound links.

Understanding why people share and link to content is essential for both content marketers and SEO teams. Ideally we want to create content that is amplified through both shares and links. My analysis of 10,000 posts suggests that some forms of content are very unlikely to acquire both shares and links.

How to create content that your VIPs will love to share

There is nothing worse than writing what you consider to be a good piece of written content and nobody shares it. In this post, Inbound Marketing Consultant, Jeffrey Kranz gives some very practical and actionable approaches to writing and designing the kind of content that VIPs love to share.

Simple steps for conducting creative content research

This post was of particular interest to me as I am often doing research for my next blog post. Hannah Smith ties it all together here by sharing the process and tools she uses to carry out creative content research. Hannah also explains what creative content research actually is and how it will give you a clearer view on what content may be the best fit for your clients.


6 actionable SEO tips

The technical side of SEO is not always the most glamorous but it is still an important part of the overall SEO process. Jason Acidre’s post focuses on several of the aspects of technical site optimisation, which many tend to overlook when doing site audits, and provides some valuable tips to help improve your technical SEO practices.

6 keys to getting local SEO started on the right foot 

If you are brick-and-mortar or service business seeking to capture local customers who might be searching for you online, check out this post by Tamar Weinberg. Tamar provides small businesses with this very handy beginner’s guide to local search engine optimisation (SEO).

Social Media

Social media marketing trends gaining traction in 2015: New Research

If you track social media marketing trends and wonder if predictions for 2015 are proving true, Suzanne Delzio’s post uncovers findings from recent studies to help you gauge whether your social media marketing choices are on track.

For years now, marketers have reported their greatest social media frustration as tracking sales through to social media efforts.  New research indicates that social media may finally be directly delivering the paying customers vendors have longed for.

5 super-charged social media management tools

For the social media managers out there looking for tools to help you manage your social media campaigns, Lisa Kalner Williams recommends five tools that work well for her and why they are the super powered tools of social media management.

How avid technology got to be 365 times more engaging on LinkedIn

In this post, Jennifer Beese of Sprout Social writes an interesting case study on Avid, a provider of audio and video technology and how Avid ensures your LinkedIn messages reach the right people at the right time.

By employing a smart segmentation strategy on LinkedIn—one focused on engagement rather than impressions—Avid has experienced exponential growth, resulting in 33,000 followers who are highly invested in its social activity.


The discipline based testing methodology

What methodology do you use when you’re running tests? What are you testing, why and for how long? In this post, Andrew Anderson, Head of the Optimisation and Analytics for Malwarebytes, introduces you to the methodology that he developed over 12 years in the industry and working with over 300 organisations.

5 conversion rate lessons from 1 screenshot

Joel K says in his post that you can learn a whole lot about Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) in a very short time – you just need to know what to look for! With exactly one screenshot, he teaches you  5 quick lessons you can take to the conversion bank. Pretty cool!

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