Welcome to the latest volume of The Wrap! We’ve rounded up the best inbound marketing posts so you can see what’s currently going on in the world of SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media. In this edition we’ll look at why your mobile site just became extremely important, why content marketing is as valuable as ever, and the top social media trends for 2018.

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How to avoid SEO disaster during a website redesign

How do we maintain our ranking and traffic in the midst of a website redesign? Redesigning your website doesn’t have to end in an SEO disaster. This posts takes you through some specific steps in all phases of redesign that will let you painlessly create a brand spanking new look to your website.

Google publishes comprehensive guide to featured snippets

In addition to the traditional blue links in Google Search, now appearing at the top of the page are direct answers. This quick search response is called a featured snippet and this article explains what they are, why they’re important and the work Google still needs to do to perfect them.

Does Google use Latent Semantic Indexing?

Is Latent Semantic Indexing really the right term for Google’s word prediction? This post takes us through the origins of Latent Semantic Indexing and what it’s really used for. You’ll be surprised to know the term was coined well before the web even existed.

The basic problem may be simply summarized by stating that people want to access information based on meaning, but the words they select do not adequately express intended meaning. 

7 mobile-friendly navigation best practices

Google is shifting to a mobile-first index, meaning they will begin ranking your website based on your mobile content. Your mobile site just went from important to extremely important. Never fear, these seven mobile-friendly navigation best practices will have your mobile site reaching its full potential in no time.

Content Marketing

How to Make Content Marketing Work in Boring Niches

No matter how ‘boring’ your niche is deemed to be, with a few clever techniques you can turn your content into something exciting and share-worthy. These tips will help you think outside the square and see there is a creative content marketing strategy out there for everyone.

With a little bit of effort and a splash of imagination, even the greyest areas of business can be brought to life

11 Storytelling Lessons That Will Transform Your Content Marketing

Great stories make great content. These short but sweet storytelling lessons will inspire you to transform your business and become an amazing storyteller.

Is Content Marketing a Waste of Time and Money? Data and Lessons Learned from 20 Posts in 30 Days.

After setting himself a crazy challenge and being overwhelmed with highs and lows, Oli Gardner’s findings were quite simple: content marketing is as valuable as ever.

Road Map to Success: Content Marketing Strategy Essentials

The concept of content marketing may be simple, but the strategy in which you deliver content must be carefully planned in order to reach your business goals. This post outlines some essential components of creating a great content marketing strategy.

Social media

The Top Social Media Trends and How They Can Help You (updated for 2018)

Here’s a post you’ll want to get stuck into. Updated for the current year, this post outlines social media’s current trends and how to apply them practically in your social media marketing strategy. This is the kind of post that will really help you reach your potential in the world of social media.

How to Lower Your Facebook Ad Costs and Get Better Results

Our level of engagement is one of the most important Facebook insights. Did you know how much of a role our engagement has on our advertising costs? Read this post to find out how to build your engagement and why doing this will invite so many other benefits.

By using these tactics, you can dramatically grow your Facebook engagement custom audiences using free, organic methods.

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