We are all consumers of content. In fact, a study showed digital consumption literally doubled in 2020, and still, even now we are consuming an average of 6 hours a day worth of content.

I hope that got you thinking about the content you share for your business. 

Clearly, content is powerful. 

But needs to be unique and exceptional and most of all it needs to serve a purpose. If you are not informing, entertaining, or offering a solution to a challenge, then you might be wasting your time.

Here is the latest roundup of content work we are looking after for our clients.

Restructuring your marketing department – five challenges – TrinityP3

TrinityP3 is a global marketing consultancy founded by Darren Woolley. With a background as an analytical scientist and creative problem solver, Darren and his team bring unique insights and learnings to the marketing process.

Experience has demonstrated time and again there is no ‘right’ marketing model and there is no one best practice structural design. Find out more about the five challenges here.

A comprehensive explanation of regenerative agriculture and living systems – Ata Regenerative

Ata Regenerative is a New Zealand-based organisation that helps people understand better ways and systems to manage land. Founded by Dr. Hugh Jellie, Ata has created Land to Market, the world’s first regenerative verification and sourcing solution.

This post for Ata Regenerative looks at what ‘regenerative’ really is, a hotly debated topic. Our current agricultural system is designed to reduce life in the soil to nothing but resources to extract. If you want to unravel what regenerative is all about read more here.

Calculating fx forward points – Hedgebook

Hedgebook has a mission to help businesses of all sizes make sense of treasury and FX risk, devise profit-protecting strategies, and collaborate more effectively with their bank and broker via their market-leading SaaS platform.

This post is about the calculation of foreign exchange (FX) forward points. FX forward points are the time value adjustments made to the spot rate to reflect a future date. Read more here.

Healthy and tasty! Three seafood recipes made with our Avocado oil – Olivado

Olivado creates an award-winning range of high-quality, healthy, and delicious cooking oils. The extensive range covers every culinary situation, giving you the perfect oil to go with your recipe.

From seed to bottle, Olivado oils deliver on taste, quality, and goodness.

In this post, Olivado brings you three delicious seafood recipes to try. Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and a great source of minerals. If you love seafood try these three favourite recipes here.

Why specialist training is needed for confined space cleaning – Rapid Facility Services

Rapid Facility Services offers an extensive range of specialist services to industrial and commercial businesses. They operate nationwide and have a strong commitment to high standards of work.

Working in confined spaces requires specialist training and knowledge because of the various hazards that are present. Find out more about confined space cleaning here.

How to be sustainable – 5 ways your business can improve – immago

immago provides a range of tailored fashion and clothing solutions for business worldwide. The team at immago strongly believes that greener, more environmentally-friendly business practices are important for every business. They can help provide more environmentally friendly solutions for your apparel business.

It’s one thing to say you’re eco-conscious, but quite another to actually do something about it. Read more here about five ways your business can be more sustainable without breaking the bank.

Manufacturing industry pallet racking and storage solutions made simple – Pallet Racking Solutions

Pallet Racking Solutions provides and installs warehousing storage and shelving solutions across New Zealand. PRS offers a complete storage solutions service including maintenance and safety audit services. 

In your business, everything must run like clockwork, and one small hiccup in the process can bring everything to a grinding halt.

Trust Horizon Streamlines Grant Application Process for Organisations in Need – Trust Horizon

Trust Horizon is a local Charitable Trust, representing Whakatāne, Ōpōtiki, Kawerau, and Kaingaroa Village. They provide funding for projects and initiatives that will help achieve their mission to build pride, prosperity, and energy understanding and education in the community.

Trust Horizon has introduced a new online platform – SmartyGrants – to make it easier than ever for local organisations to apply for the funding they need. It is a simple way for charities, societies, and other organisations to apply for energy-related funding. Find out more here.

Transform your home solar system with innovative Enphase microinverters – Bright Earth Solar

Bright Earth Solar are based in South Australia and are experts in solar energy. They offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial jobs, from solar installations and batteries to maintenance and safety inspections.

Enphase microinverters, the most innovative, safest, and efficient solar panel inverters on the market. Solar panels may get the credit but it’s the inverter that does all the work in a home solar system. Find out more about them here.

All you need to know about Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump Systems – Flocon

Flocon Air Conditioning and Mechanical started trading in 2012 and has rapidly established itself as a leader in heat pump sales and installation. Flocon are experts in the entire Mitsubishi Electric range of heating and cooling systems for domestic or commercial spaces. 

Ecodan is a heat pump solution that is energy efficient and combines both hot water heating and space heating with one system. Find out more about this energy-saving system here.

The top New Zealand Jobseeker FAQs – answered – New Kiwis

New Kiwis is a free employment service to migrant job seekers and New Zealand employers, a service provided by Auckland Business Chamber and Immigration New Zealand. They offer free services like CVs, events, and online training to migrant job seekers.

Whether you’re searching from within New Zealand or abroad, you will no doubt have a lot of questions about how to find the right job for you.

Need help with your Liquid Rubber project? Check out our handy tools and DIY accessories – Cohe Group

Cohe Group have a range of DIY and commercial environmentally friendly, high-quality products for a range of projects. All products are easy to use and non-toxic, perfect for any project whether it’s commercial or in your home.

Every project needs the correct tools, equipment, and accessories – that’s why Cohe has a range of quality tools to help. They have a wide range of handy tools and accessories. Learn more about them here.

What is clickbait and why you should avoid it – High Profile Enterprises

High Profile Enterprises is a digital marketing agency, where high visibility for your brand and business is a priority. HPE offers a wide range of tailored services to companies both in New Zealand and internationally.

Imagine the disappointment when your copy or content does not meet your customer’s expectations. No one likes their time wasted and your brand could become identified with questionable information or wasted time. Find out more about clickbait here.

And that is another wrap-up of content highlights for the month of May. 

If you have any questions or want to find out more about creating content for your business or brand then get in touch with us today.