This Weekend Wrap brings more on building links from some incredibly creative people down to the foolhardy who still think buying links is a good thing…

This ties in nicely with the SEOMoz post on how to drive more visitors and more links through social media, and the heights people will go to for the most sought after link – along with some good advice on SEO practices to keep you on the right side of Google.

Everyone wants to write great copy and this week we have an excellent post which will definitely show you how – fantastic examples on getting it right and getting it wrong – a must read…

A very interesting read that digs down into the psychology of online behaviour and how it relates to blog comments, plus the mother of all posts – a whopping 7,000 words  that you should definitely make time to read and learn from this masterpiece that demonstrates effective web copy.

Lots more excellent material to broaden your marketing portfolio and learn all that is new in the online space.

Another glorious day at Muriwai Beach today – shot taken looking north towards Kaipara Heads.

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Fantastic post chock full of creative ways to get links – “I sailed a boat, ran a half-marathon and climbed a mountain all on the same day for a link”. Innovative ideas from many of the best SEOs in the world.
Love this! It would be very funny except it is, unfortunately, quite true. “Why don’t we just buy some more links?” on the image is pretty good but the actual 7 phrases are worth a look.
SEOmoz piece that gets down to the nitty gritty of how social media affects SEO outcomes with analysis of social signals as well as insights on how social media can drive more visitors, more time on site and of course more links.

Why good SEOs should look like they don’t exist

In the post Panda, post Penguin world it is ironic that SEOs have to look like they are not doing any SEO. This is a really insightful post on the important SEO elements that will keep you the right side of Google’s guidelines while still improving search performance.

Social Media / Content Marketing

I Know You, Writer

One of the best posts ever about how to write great copy that engages people. Tons of wisdom packed into this epic with multiple examples on how to do it right and how to screw things up. Essential reading for anyone who writes for the web.

Do More Comments Make Your Blog Stronger?

This one really digs down into the psychology of online behaviour and how this relates to commenting on blogs. Nice insights also on the range of benefits that a highly interactive blog experience bring including building relationships, connecting with others and the SEO wins.

106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great

Seems to be a week for epic long form blog posts and this one weighs in at a whopping 7,000 words. Worth putting some time aside to learn from a great example of effective web copy – this is a masterwork.

Simple Tricks To Improve Your Facebook Engagement [Infographic]

Facebook can be a frustrating minefield in which to market a business. Facebook will suddenly stop most of your fans from seeing your content unless you pay to promote or they may remove a bunch of fans from your page without warning. So, how do you improve your results in the face of all these variations? This post also features a nice infographic.
That should keep you busy for the next few days. As always, let us know which posts you found useful or inspiring by leaving a comment and of course, don’t forget to share using the buttons at the top.
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