Plenty to keep you informed this week as we look at the inevitable fallout from the recent launch of the Google Disavow Tool, Google sending mixed messages – asking for content for humans while demanding multiple technical considerations purely for search engines, a great case study on content marketing strategy to get 100,000 monthly visitors and an awesome example of how two huge European brands battle it out for a giant share of the auto world!

This week we are looking at a view over Lake Taupo on the 14km walk from the Whakaipo Bay to the small town of Kinloch.

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Disavow Me and My Blog, Google – I Don’t Give a Sh*t!

Yes, it had to happen… already people are uneasy with the potential fallout from Google’s disavow tool. Ever since Penguin was rolled out a number of larger brands have been sending legal threats to those people linking to them if they do not have decent site authority. Now the fear is that large numbers of good quality sites will be disavowed and penalised by Google! It seems that Google would have been better off to just ignore poor quality links rather than punishing them…
This is simply a brilliant slidedeck which explains in detail how to integrate SEO and content marketing in a presentation over 109 slides. Jonathon Colman examines the myths and realities of SEO and discusses editorial calendars, the content lifecycle, metadata, content audits and much more.

Google Predictions from SMX East 2012

A massive amount of valuable info here in an interview with Jonathan Goodman who has just presented at Search Engine Marketing Expo in New York about where search is at, what Google is up to, and where Google is likely to go next. Panda and Penguin, unique content, anchor text, back-links, the disavow tool and more are covered here.
Kristi Hines is one of our favourite bloggers and she really nails it with this post. Everything you need to know and more about how to get the most out of Google Webmaster Tools with screenshots all the way through to help you understand every step.

Have Keywords Stopped Being A Proxy To The Customer?

The technical compliance needs for any website are getting more and more crazy. Matt Cutts has made almost 300 videos to help understand what you can and can not do! This great post looks at how Google is saying create your content for humans, then insists on multiple technical factors for search engines.

Social Media/Content Marketing

Facebook: I Want My Friends Back!

Is Facebook guilty of a “bait and switch” scam? Or is it just the business of maximising profits for their shareholders? The guys who wrote this post are unhappy – really unhappy! Check this post out – your opinion of Facebook may very well be quite different by the end!

Top Rank in association with Unbounce present this great infographic in the style of a vintage Russian propaganda poster that provides 5 principles of B2B lead generation for any company marketing to business buyers. Really interesting insights here about how to improve conversion, nurture your leads, optimise lead capture pages and more.
Excellent post from Neil Patel looks at the  way content marketing has become a major part of SEO. He uses a case study of the brilliant Kissmetrics site and how they were able to get up to 100,000 monthly visitors in less than a year using a range of content strategies.

Two Awesome Examples of Promotional Campaigns Done Right

Not very often do you get to see an advertising battle between two giant corporates that is both humorous and inspiring – this is one of those!  Watch how two large German competitors Audi and BMW battle it out on the billboards and and see who gets the final word – it’s brilliant!


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We hope you are enjoying the Weekend Wrap and that you are getting some valuable insights into the incredibly fast moving world of search, social, content marketing and all the other permutations involved with having a business with an internet presence.

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