We kick off the Weekend Wrap with Google in the limelight again, the ongoing process of optimisation, a great post on solving SEO technical issues, what we can learn about marketing from Bob Marley and a lot more to stimulate and educate from the week that was!

Enjoy the posts…

This week’s photo – a Spring storm brought big swells at Muriwai Beach last week – only the gulls seem unfazed!


SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Would Google Fail Its Own Quality Test?

Following hot on the heels of last week’s leaked Google guidelines on page quality this post runs Google’s own site through the test. How do you think Google fared? (this is pretty funny)

The Importance of Ongoing Optimization – Tips Included

When can you say your site is optimised?  The truth is that you should never stop optimising your content – it’s an ongoing process as explained here.

Common Technical SEO Problems and How to Solve Them

I usually shy aware from ‘techy’ posts but this one is worth its weight in gold!   Excellent technical SEO tips, understanding accidental homepage duplication, 301 redirects, soft 404 errors and much more. File this one away for future reference – you never know when you might need it or know someone else who does!

How to create a lightning fast website

As you are probably aware, site speed is one of the many valuable ranking factors Google looks at.   Wordtracker gives a really useful tutorial on how to improve your site page load speed for that small but subtle lift in search results.

Social Media / Content Marketing

75 Tips to Manage Your Social Media Efforts in 2012

Fantastic tips on improving your performance on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  A must read for all who use social media for business.

5 Ways Marketers Should Be More Like Bob Marley

There is much to learn from the legendary Bob Marley in this very powerful post that draws parallels between Marley’s career and marketing.  This post explores five lessons the reggae icon’s work ethic can teach us about marketing.

 The Content Creator’s Master List of Commonly Troublesome Words

Do you ever have to stop and think which is the correct word to use when writing content?  What is the right way to write call-to-action?  Does ecommerce have a capital E?  And many more grammar and spelling questions answered (includes brand new free download – The  Internet Marketing Written Style Guide)

Twitter Is Not A Conversation [Research & Charts]

We have all heard the mantra “social is all about the conversation”.  So what if we told you that Twitter is NOT about the conversation?  Check out this research – you see a shift in the way you see social media.


Well, that’s it for another week. We hope you are enjoying the Weekend Wrap and that you are getting some valuable insights into the incredibly fast moving world of search, social, content marketing and all the other permutations involved with having a business with an Internet presence.

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