A brilliant line up this week and we kick off with an “oldie but a goodie” from Rand Fishkin – an incredible resource for bloggers to tuck away, followed by another great post about “growth hackers” from Distilled and what constitutes an effective SEO strategy.

And Forbes have a post which looks at the 20 most social CMOs in the Fortune 100 – surprising how difficult it was to find 20 who actually use social media. How does that work?

Also see what happens when you take some of the top SEO  industry players and debate the current state of link building  in an informal setting – very interesting and a fun post for those of you who follow SEO – there’s a few gems here!

And also from the Social Media and Content Marketing section we have Content,  Confusion, Clarity – a look at content and SEO from Search Engine Watch, a post from Mike Morgan demonstrating benefits and the dangers of using social media tools (includes a few horror stories) and the epic post of the week is from Jonathon Colman – a brilliant piece which questions content quality in the SEO space – must read this one…and lots more to keep you up to date and up late at night!

Photo this week Bobo the alpaca relaxing in the carrot grass!

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2012)

This one is from Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz fame and comes from WAY BACK in January. Amazing how all of this is still totally relevant despite the huge updates by Google almost every month this year. This is one to keep as a reference – put as many of these into practice as you can and note how effective the copywriting and structure of the post is..

SEO’s Are Growth Hackers

John Doherty of Distilled adds another great post about “growth hackers”. In his words growth hacking is all about data driven marketing and relates to not only growth but also customer retention. Being creative, implementation, measurement, repetition – as he says these are all part of a well executed SEO strategy. A good read!

An Open Discussion on the Current State of Link Building

Get half a dozen SEO thought leaders together (online) and get them debating the current state of link building. The informality of the structure offers real insights – five starting points are given then it is up to the participants to share their opinions and the conversation develops from there. Great idea!

What [insert random topic] taught me about SEO

This is the lighter post for the week. If you consume a lot of SEO blog posts like we do you will identify with what this post is poking fun at. “What Whitney Houston taught me about SEO?”, “What waterless urinals taught me about SEO” and many more gems that should have gone nowhere near the publish button!

Social Media/Content Marketing

SEO – Content | Confusion | Clarity

From Search Engine Watch this one looks at the reasons for many people in the SEO field calling themselves content marketers and how this is not entirely accurate. Andy Betts looks at the Google updates that caused the shift and how content has actually been an important part of strategy for long before these updates.

We Can Do Better Than This

Epic post of the week. Jonathon Colman has put together a brilliant piece which questions the quality of much of the content and many of the conversations in the SEO and content space. Check it out – this is definitely worth 10 minutes (or more) of your time.

Meet The Top 20 Most Social CMOs Of The Fortune 100 [Visuals]

There are obviously a large number of CMOs who are still hoping that social media will “just go away”. It’s new, it’s scary, it’s confusing and it requires rethinking many of the marketing concepts that have been in place for decades (Hey, it’s not THAT new!). This post on Forbes looks at the 20 most social CMOs in the Fortune 100 and the interesting thing is how difficult it was to find 20 who have any social authority.

That’s the wrap for another busy week. I hope you are finding the info useful and interesting. Don’t forget to use the share buttons at the top if you enjoyed this post.

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