In the Weekend Wrap this week we see how some SEOs grapple with Google’s big recent updates, a humorous infographic that expands on the old cliche that SEO is dead (and what the agenda is for those that are saying this), treating your landing page like a recipe for smart results and some new techniques that show you how to get retweeted more often.

This week’s photo – our two woolly boys – Willie Bobo and Paco waiting to be sheared (shared).

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Google Penguin Refresh Completes Trilogy of Search Terror for SEOs

Well, what a couple of weeks it has been for Google! First they rolled out the new Exact Match Domain update then a few days later they announced “Oh yeah we ran a major Panda update at the same time…”, then just when everyone was scrambling they rolled out Penguin 3! Hold onto your hats everyone!

Is SEO Dead?  Yes, But Only to Some People…

Love this infographic! Is SEO dead? Has Google’s aggressive update schedule made SEO impossible? Some would have you believe this and this funny post identifies the key protagonists and their errors and agendas. Check it out!

Search quality highlights: 65 changes for August and September

Here is Google’s official version of what changes they have made in the last 2 months – 65 changes mentioned here. It is interesting to note some SEO commentators are finding some quite obvious omissions from this list. Now why would Google not give us the full story? What happened to transparency?

What’s New & Important With Google’s New Webmaster Guidelines

This quick overview of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines changes points out some very interesting additions. One that really stands out is that it is now considered a guidelines breach if you send someone a free product hoping to get a review and a link back to your site. Hang on, isn’t that how PR has worked forever in the offline world?

Social Media / Content Marketing

New insights on the future of search, privacy and the inevitability of social media

This is a great post sharing some of the wisdom from Microsoft’s “Chief Visioning Officer” (I kid you not…). Check out some of his views on the future of technology, social media, the internet, mobile and more.

#DistilledLive | Content marketing for the web

Must read insights from #DistilledLive – an event focused on Content Marketing. Covered here – writing better copy, measuring content value with analytics, content marketing beyond the BS and much more.

This is a really smart infographic with tons of tips on what makes a landing page really convert. Nice idea to format it like a recipe! We are really enjoying the content from Unbounce at present!

6 Tips to Get Retweeted More Often

From one of the most prolific bloggers around – Ann Smarty – here is a rundown of techniques to get retweeted more often. Try some of these out and see how this affects your share rate.

Well, that’s it for another week. We hope you are enjoying the Weekend Wrap and that you are getting some valuable insights into the incredibly fast moving world of search, social, content marketing and all the other permutations involved with having a business with an internet presence.

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