As an SEO business, when we engage with new or potential clients one of the first tools in our pocket is keyword research and we are often surprised at how little businesses know about this essential process.

In this blog, we share with you our knowledge of keyword research, what it is and why it is important in digital marketing.

What is a Keyword?

In digital marketing, a keyword refers to a word or a group of words that people use to find information using a search engine (like Google).

Keywords can be divided into three groups, short tail (one to two words), middle tail (three to four words) and long-tail (five words or more). As a general rule, the fewer words in a keyword the more times they will be viewed in search results, but the less likely it is that customers will see it (because of fierce competition). Conversely, long-tail keywords get less exposure, however, more people will be converted (click on your link) because they are more targeted to what the user is searching for. 

In this way, long-tail keywords perform very well in SEO, but they do narrow the exposure.

The graph below from SEOpressor shows this concept.


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What is Keyword Research?

Quite simply, keyword research in digital marketing is a way of finding out what your customers are looking for and how to deliver it to them. Keyword research allows you to delve into what people are actively searching for in search engines like Google. 

Not only can you identify topics or products that people are interested in and actively searching for, but you can also find out how popular these searches are and how many potential customers there are. 

Why is Keyword Research important in digital marketing?

Keyword research allows you to market (or develop) a product, service or information that you know people are looking for. It can help set the direction of your business, allowing you to customise your offerings to the needs of your customers. 

Yoast SEO says “If you use the wrong keyphrase, you’ll never get the visitors you want or need because your text doesn’t match what your potential audience is searching for. But if you do use the words people are searching for, your business can thrive.”

Keywords are not just important in marketing products, if you blog, keywords help you to both write about topics that people are interested in, and make it easy for people who are searching for information to find your blogs.   

How do I choose keywords?

  1. Think about your customer and what their needs and intentions are. Are they looking to purchase a product? Find information? Looking for reviews? You need to be clear about what you are trying to achieve before you research. Make a list of the keywords, or phrases, that are most relevant. 
  1. Do keyword research. There are many options available, both free and paid services. Make a list of the best performing keywords, aim for 100+ searches/ month for middle tail and 10+/ month for long-tail keywords. At the same time, analyse the competition for the keyword, if there is already significant competition it makes it a very competitive space for those keywords.
  1. Choose the best keywords and map complementary keywords for maximum exposure. When you are researching keywords you will get suggestions of other keywords, some of which will be able to be incorporated into your content, more bang for your buck!
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Keyword research is an essential tool in digital marketing for SEO ranking and for creating relevant content, but it is not the only part of the puzzle. Partnering with an experienced SEO digital marketing company can greatly increase your online traffic, driving sales and positioning your business to succeed. 

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