How Social Media combined with SEO creates opportunity for New Zealand business

With social media and SEO – NZ Businesses have the most incredible tool at their fingertips to propel their business into another orbit!

If you are using this powerful combination to generate more web traffic for your business, then you are definitely on the right track and you already appreciate the massive potential of these two methods of Internet marketing.

What other marketing tools give you access to a massive audience of potential customers either globally or locally targeted?  And what other communication tool can turn inter-active dialogue into sales?  For effective conversion nothing else comes close!

If you still think that social media is where you post your holiday snaps and talk to family – think again…

Social Media for business growth

Let’s dig a little deeper and look at some facts.

  • Social networking now accounts for 22% of all time spent online in the United States and this is growing every month!
  • Twitter averages almost 40 million tweets per day and has over 200 million users.
  • Facebook has over 500 million registered users.
  • Social media usage in New Zealand is skyrocketing!

Most businesses here are now getting new profiles on Facebook and Twitter – mind you the execution of many accounts is woefully inadequate.  To avoid making big mistakes that can affect your online business persona, make sure you are listening to the right advice.

Why is it so powerful?

Because you establish yourself as an authority.

How do you do that?

The purpose of small business internet marketing using social media is to build social authority.  Social authority is created when you establish yourself as an “expert” in your particular niche or industry.  This creates authority and influence, builds strong relationships and ultimately sends targeted web traffic to your website – social media is a very powerful business tool.

It makes sense!  If you wanted to get the best information available on your particular subject, you would surely seek out an authority, someone who not only knows what they are doing but “walks the talk”.  That’s the social proof you are looking for.

Other Benefits?

Having a large following or many fans i.e. getting your numbers up!

It’s pretty simple.  Why waste your time and energy twittering or posting to a few hundred when you could be reaching out to thousands…

…or tens of thousands… or more?

High Profile Enterprises has been recognised by Social Media ratings sites as having sent messages to more than 50,000 targeted social media users – this is exactly the sort of coverage you want for your business!

Building a large targeted following has excellent search engine advantages as well.

The major search engines are looking for an authoritative result to rank highly in the results pages. Having serious social media clout is a key factor when allocating the front page results for your keywords.

Who are the authorities on any given topic? The businesses or individuals who have a large and engaged following in Social Media will more than likely be the best to rank highly.

It all makes total sense really.

Combine a large interested audience with valuable, compelling, interactive content and watch your business results take off!

It’s not rocket science, unfortunately, many in this country are missing the main points.

Now for the second part of this magical marriage – SEO marketing services!

It is necessary to have a basic understanding of how SEO (search engine optimization) works and a little knowledge of how a Google search enquiry is administered is a good start.

This is what happens.

Your potential customer sits at his or her computer and taps a few words into the search bar.

Along comes Google with it’s labyrinth and highly evolved algorithm and finds the most appropriate indexed information based on your customers’ search.

This is where your SEO expert takes over – it is his/her  job to get your business front page results for those few words that your customer has typed into the search bar – this phrase is known as a keyword.

Identifying keywords is a real skill and an SEO expert will, through a series of finely tuned techniques, uncover the keywords which have the most monthly searches relating to your business.  After this has been established, the SEO expert will then assess the amount of competition for this keyword and evaluate it’s potential.

Then the game begins…

Here are just two of the major benefits from an effective SEO campaign

  • Top ranking in the search engine results pages gives you access to a phenomenal amount of potential traffic.
  • Inbound Links…

Inbound links (or back-links) are created by your SEO expert as an intrinsic part of a campaign that will have your website ranking highly in the search results pages.  The aim is to get links from as many authority (high ranking) sites as possible.

Again this is about establishing online credibility for your business. Each back-link is seen as a vote for your site, and if your site gets tons of votes from large websites which have expertise in your business niche then you will be rewarded with great search results.

This is achieved through various methods – some more effective than others.

However, it is the end result that matters:  more web traffic and more targeted prospects to your business website.

Through the power and use of Social Media and SEO – NZ businesses can now easily compete with the larger overseas businesses.  Effective small business internet marketing strategies give you instant exposure, more web traffic and increased sales.

Be warned however, the Google world is a very fast moving and challenging one so you will need to ensure that the online marketers you are working with are the most highly skilled and creative experts you can find.

Do not make the mistakes that your competitors are making.

Do not damage your online credibility by falling into the same traps.

A balanced, multi-faceted approach with focus on both Social Media and SEO is exactly what the search engines are seeking.

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