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After graduating university with a Marketing degree, I took my first step into the world of websites and digital marketing by building a few websites myself. After going live I soon realised that visitors and customers don’t just appear immediately or by chance, so I then began a journey to find out what it takes to make a website bring in business.

I now split my time between helping the clients of Whippet Digital and running a surf school in Raglan. My experiences running my own business help me understand what clients are looking for when they come to Whippet Digital for help, and also what they need to do with their online efforts if they want to succeed at getting found, and then converting visitors into customers.

My main duties are in the area of on page SEO – such as tidying up technical errors, optimising pages to be found for important keywords, initial keyword research or fixing broken links . I also enjoy writing content when called upon, and the many other interesting jobs that Mike and Midge get me involved in!

When I can get away from the keyboard you’ll find me attached to a surfboard in the wild west coast waves or enjoying Whanau time with my wife and two daughters.

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