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Hi, my name is Mike Morgan and I am obsessed with making strategy work.

How did this happen?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was in a management role in the retail music industry. I was invited to direct a TV ad for an upcoming album by a little band called AC/DC. This was my first time in an editing suite and I wanted to make an ad that was effective and memorable. I used Angus Young’s hammered guitar intro from the first single, Thunderstruck. Using special effects (really dated now), we added burning flames behind the fretboard shot and sat on this intro for the first 25 seconds without any comment on what the clip was about. The ad and song then reached a crescendo of huge slabs of guitar and thumping bass and drums with Brian Johnson’s inimitable scream of Thunderstruck over a visual of the retail brand and the album cover for the final 5 seconds (shorter intro for the 15 second ad).

The ad was a huge success. We sold thousands of copies of the album and became the “go-to” retailer for this album.

What I had inadvertently done was discover some of the secrets of marketing. Build anticipation, curiosity, suspense ( we didn’t say what the ad was about – we let the guitar talk). Then move to a crescendo with a powerful call-to-action that leaves no doubt about the co-branding of seller and artist.

That was how I got started on this journey. I used these learnings on many campaigns in the industry before leaving music to get out and experience life.

When I was re-introduced to marketing years later everything had changed. The internet was now a growing force and digital was where the future was. I set out to learn and test as many digital strategies as possible and sold products online for a commission until I set up High Profile Enterprises in 2010 with co-founder, Midge Hand.

The rest is history. We gained international recognition for our ground breaking work in content marketing and SEO and we helped well over 100 businesses and organisations to achieve their goals. We have developed a reputation as trusted, ethical digital partners and have an enviable track record of success.

And I have continued to develop my obsession for designing successful digital strategy but now I have many more tools at my fingertips.

In 2023 we had reached the stage where our small agency was getting bigger and our range of services was broadening to include complex paid strategies as well as expanding our organic portfolio. Our focus on contracting the very best experts in their niches has given us a formidable team. So, we decided to retire the High Profile Enterprises brand and to move to a new brand that better represents where we are today and where we are heading. Hence the move to Whippet Digital – Safe, agile, fast and ethical.

I hope I will get an opportunity to create a custom growth strategy for you and your business. Use the “Book a free consultation” button below and let’s have a chat soon.

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