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My name is Midge hand and I am a Change Junkie.

From an early age I realised that life is short and if I wanted to experience what life has to offer I needed to develop a hunger for new experiences. So that’s exactly what I have done throughout my life to date.

In my professional life I have created new businesses, worked for organisations as diverse as Auckland Council and The Serious Fraud Office to a high end fashion label as GM, worked in theatre and in the wellness industry and was even the EA for Pierre Trudeau, PM of Canada (yes, Justin’s father). I even did a stint as a runway model. And much, much more.

On a personal level, I have lived in New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland, India and California, and have spent time in dozens of countries. I have learned languages (not that well) and musical instruments (not that well either)! I have read a library of non-fiction and fiction books, seen many theatre performances and nurtured my love for cinema and I have seen more live bands than I can remember. I have learned to cook and enjoy food from all over this fascinating world.

It turned out that digital marketing was a perfect fit for a change junkie like me. It is constantly changing and exciting innovations and new platforms are always being introduced. Plus I get to work with a wide range of people in a wide range of industries so I need to understand what they do and who their customers are or what their purpose is. So Whippet Digital has been a logical progression for me. And I love what we do.

Unlike many in our industry, I did not get a marketing degree, start work for an agency and spend my time working my way up the agency ladder. Instead, I spent my time gaining experience in multiple businesses and organisations across many roles. And I am a serial entrepreneur. So, I have a good chance of having experienced many of the challenges you could be facing. I have been there.

Because I have found a niche I care about which offers a fix for my need for change, it doesn’t mean that I have stopped seeking new experiences. I will continue to travel, continue to learn and continue to challenge myself. Because I know no other way.

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