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I’m Gary, and I’ve had an interesting life.

In the rolling hills of the Northern Irish countryside, I was born under the sparkling starlight, or at least that’s how the legend goes. I spent my early years conversing with the woodland creatures and singing to the flowers, whose melodies were said to enchant even the most stoic of Leprechauns.

At the tender age of three, I mastered the extinct language of the Nasca people of Peru, but unfortunately, no one could understand me, so I gave it up.

By five, I had a blackbelt in origami, and at ten, I was the inspiration for the movie Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment.

I have no memory of my teenage years but I do dream of adventures with aliens which I think are real events. I suspect my memory loss is the result of some sort of Men In Black mind-wiping technology. I’m not bragging, but I once ran a four-minute mile in under half an hour.
I’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. And tough if the lack of an Oxford comma in the preceding sentence bothers you, that’s just how I roll. Even though I’ve swam with sharks, piranhas and dolphins, I’ve never felt anything close to exhilaration until I started working for Whippet.

I’m one of the copywriters, so expect this level of dry, sardonic Irish wit in every email. Probably.

I love learning about new topics, and the best part of this job is researching articles. One day it could be on tattoo removal, the next on the physics of solar panels. I love it.

But writing is just one part of this job. It’s hard to get bored with so many irons in the fire. If I’m not researching an article, I’m on social media, or working behind the scenes to optimise a site for Google’s latest algorithms. I learn something new every day, and each day brings new challenges.

My time at art college comes in handy as I’m also also the company’s “Photoshop guy”. 

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