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Hi! I’m Emmy. Writer, storyteller and avid dog lover.

After winning an award for an article I wrote on nature at ten years old, I got the writing bug and grew my storytelling skills while studying acting and scriptwriting in Wellington. Then I was lucky enough to embark on an incredible journey working on cruise ships across the globe, soaking up inspiration everywhere I went, from the sunny beaches of Spain to the bustling streets of LA.

It was when I returned to New Zealand and created my own websites that I learned writing alone doesn’t make a business successful. I became fascinated with SEO, keyword research, and social media marketing. I immersed myself in these exciting tools and found that, when combined with my own creativity, they were incredibly effective.

That experience helped me become not only a published author but also a passionate digital marketer on a mission to create tailored, unique content for the clients I work with.

When I’m not typing away at the keyboard, you can find me strolling Ohope Beach with my crazy dogs, adding quirky notebooks to my collection, and writing romantic comedy novels.

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